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Hey there guys! This week's husbandos are all about the guys that can wield a blade! These are all the guys that I love that can slice and dice with ease. XD
Dante- Devil May Cry
Kisuke Urahara - Bleach
Jin- Samurai Champloo

Kimimaro- Naruto ( Because why not bone swords! )
Zabuza- Naruto
Mugen- Samurai Champloo
There you have it!
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Handsome Card :D
9 months ago·Reply
only missing one, kenshin himura
9 months ago·Reply
I was gonna put him, believe me! XD but I decided not to so someone else could also every time the feudal era comes up, I always do him. @JaredCassibba
9 months ago
love myself some samurais/swordsman. Zoro <3
9 months ago·Reply