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KDC: {MCM} Namkong Min

Hi all!! It's me, V the elusive mod; well a elusive for the past few weeks. You know how life can be pesky and test you yeah well life and I haven't been getting along so well lately but now I actually have some time to post cards.

though I am going to do this the lazy way today so please forgive me. all credit goes to Wikipedia and the owners of the pics...
love you all
Oppa is so handsome...and such a great actor...

Have you seen any of these works?

I've seen almost all his dramas from 2005 and forward. He has grown so much shows such great ability.
I especially love when he does comedic roles or very touching and emotional roles. those are my favorite for him.

I haven't seen any of his films but have now added them to my list.

fun Facts

these are music he has appeared in and for 2016 here are some awards he had won
Sadly this man crush is not a single Pringle he is dating but I wish him and his girlfriend the best of luck doesn't mean I still can't appreciate him and all his good looks.
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I first saw him in the drama 'I can hear your heart' He did really good job as second lead. ❤
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He is so cute! He has a gorgeous smile!
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I've seen him in The Girl Who Sees Smells and Beautiful Gong Shim, also his cameo in Doctor Crush. He's so cute and he's such a great actor!
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