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I'm MochiHappiness, or you can just call me Mochi. I recently found this app and the kpop community. Please take care of me.
I have two ultimate biases...
I guess you could say I have a sweet tooth...
I still don't understand this app and how it works very much but I want to post my own cards too.
I hope I can gain some good friends.

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Welcome to Vingle!
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Welcome to one crazy community 😁
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Welcome! We may get a little crazy sometimes but we all have fun while doing it. Also I feel you on having a sweet tooth especially when it comes to Hobi. ❤😄
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hi hi im @SugaKookieV or you can call me Sarah....Welcome to all that is kpop lol i hope you enjoy your stay :) this is a great place to make friends and add to your family
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