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I'm MochiHappiness, or you can just call me Mochi. I recently found this app and the kpop community. Please take care of me.
I have two ultimate biases...
I guess you could say I have a sweet tooth...
I still don't understand this app and how it works very much but I want to post my own cards too.
I hope I can gain some good friends.

WELCOME TO VINGLE!!! We're a big family here and we're all pretty friendly. Don't hesitate to ask for help or just reach out to chat! Seeing as you are Hobi biased, I'll let you know we have a BTS community and @PolarStarr is the moderator. We can add you to the community taglist if you're interested to see the cards the mod team makes every week.
hi hi im @SugaKookieV or you can call me Sarah....Welcome to all that is kpop lol i hope you enjoy your stay :) this is a great place to make friends and add to your family
Welcome! We may get a little crazy sometimes but we all have fun while doing it. Also I feel you on having a sweet tooth especially when it comes to Hobi. ❤😄
Welcome to one crazy community 😁
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