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You will notice newly added stuff in this card, I want to make it easier to learn the members so I've included some ways to do just that. If available I will be doing this with every group from here on out!
Group Name: Victon (Voice to the New World)
Debuted: November 9th, 2016 - I'm Fine
Latest Comeback: February 27th, 2017 - Eyez Eyez
They are from the same company as APink.
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Members: (7)

Name: Han Seung Woo
Stage Name: Seungwoo
Born: 1994
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper
He is Han Sun Hwa of Secret's younger brother!
Name: Kang Seung Sik
Stage Name: Seungsik
Born: 1995
Position: Vocalist
He is the mom of the group.
Name: Heo Chan
Stage Name: Chan
Born: 1995
Position: Vocalist
He is Heo Jun of Madtown's younger brother!
Name: Lim Se Jun
Stage Name: Sejun
Born: 1996
Position: Vocalist
He is the face of the group.
Name: Do Han Se
Stage Name: Hanse
Born: 1997
Position: Rapper
He is the Lead dancer as well.
Name: Choi Byung Chan
Stage Name: Byungchan
Born: 1997
Position: Vocalist
He is the tallest member and also the visual of the group.
Name: Jung Su Bin
Stage Name: Subin
Born: 1999
Position: Maknae, Vocalist

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I've fallen so far behind on these T-T (The card series, not the group) I need to take an hour soon to just go through and read all the ones I have missed
Haha I've been on a small hiatus since last month anyways. So I'm not sure there's many past this one. I'm starting it up again tomorrow though since I have more free time now! :)