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Alright this is a little late but here are my 7 Reasons for loving this young man.

1. His passion
Yoongi is very passionate for his love of music. I have never met someone who is super passionate for his music and making everyone perfect.

2. AgustD

when he came out as AgustD and his mixtape, not only did he wow us with his talent, but for who he is. Yoongi shows us who his with his music.

3. He is a....dork
There is no doubt about it. Yoongi may show us his cold side, but in truth his as much of a dork like the others. I think Jhope is rubbing off on him lol.
4. His love for the members
Yoongi may be cold towards them when they wake him up but deep down he truly appreciates and cares for them. He is proud of them by filming them or making sure that they are feed.
5. His music.
We all know he is passionate for his love of music but his voice in general helps. During the youth series I was going through a tough time and his voice and the words he said through his music helped me. To this day his voice still helps me keep going everyday.
6. His fashion and Swag.
He is very fashionable and he shows it through his swag. Not only that but how well he can look so good with the different hair colors.
7. Min Yoongi, Suga, and AgustD
All three of these names is all one person. He takes each one of these names and shows us a different side of who he is.
Min Yoongi
-who we all can relate to.
- the swag genius
- the bad ass rapper who shows and speaks the truth.
there you go my 7 Reasons.

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yasss, great card!! can't wait to see the other days