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Hi! It's been a while since I've played with Danger! It made me so happy to write in this story again. I had a couple stray ideas going through my head but um, bad panda bad, I took it dirty with the latest idea. Yea, one commercial I saw just stuck like glue to me, cut it continually replayed
warning! it gets a bit dirty in here!
Eliza was busy running around and getting the clothing into the room to cordial looks. When she finally got the chance  to stop moving the guys were filing into the room.
"What's going on?" Namjoon asked looking around.
"You guys have a photo shoot today, did you forget?" Eliza said exasperated looking at them.
"Woah take it easy" Namjoon said holding his hands up.  
"You guys are late, but I was too this morning. I'm running around like a mad woman" Eliza explained. "So who wants to go first?" She asked. They looked at each other and then pushed hobi forward.
"Take sunshine" Tae said smiling at her. She looked over them all and laughed.
"Did I just scare you all?" She asked.  
Namjoon and Jin shared a look that indicated they didn't want to answer that.
"How come I'm the sacrificial lamb in these things?" J hope turned to looked at them.
"Because your sweet and cheerful and can break the mood" Eliza said patting his arm.
"Well I do a good job of that" J hope grinned. "Okay I'm up first"

So Eliza started her work on him, doing his make up first and then fixing up his hair. She went through J hope, Kookie,  Tae, and Jimin and was working on Suga now.
Tae turned on the TV a while ago for background noise and Eliza could hear it as she worked.
For the fifth time she listened to a Viagra commercial play. By this point she was reciting it word for word.

"Are you listening to that?" Suga asked her.
"In the back of my mind" she shrugged. "Besides it's entertaining. Have you ever looked at people's reactions when the commercial plays in public places?" Eliza questioned which made him laugh.
"Well when we know we don't need it why react to it" Suga said. Eliza chuckled.
"So glad to hear you don't need the pill to wake the little guy"  Eliza teased.
"Who says it's little?" He grinned.  
"Hyung is hung!" Tae announced catching her attention. She had to look away to stifle a laugh.
"Thanks Tae" Suga was shaking his head.
"Im curious how he knows,  but I don't know if the answer will live up  to my curiosity " Eliza admitted.
"I saw him in the shower" Tae said. Eliza squealed in her throat, shocked by that answer.
"You have a dirty little mind" Suga teased.
"I so do, you know I do. Tae did not help!" Eliza shot a glare at Tae, but it wasn't really a glare.
"He was behind the curtain, I didn't shower with him" Tae exclaimed trying to clear that up.
"Hmm Okay sure tae I'm going to believe that " Eliza laughed.
"Am I done?" Suga asked. Eliza turned back to him.
"Ye-yes" Eliza said startled.

Suga got up, brushing against Eliza as he moved to get up and join the others. Jin approached from behind her and touched the small of her back to get her attention
"Im up next" Jin said.
"Okay, let's get to it" Eliza turned to grin at him. Jin took a seat and Eliza started to work on his face.
No sooner did she get his make up done that the damn commercial was back on.

"Side effects include dizziness, headache, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. To avoid long term injury seek immediate medical attention if your erections lasts more then four hours, stop taking Viagra and call your doctor" Eliza repeated.
"You listened to this way to many times " Tae announced finally turning the channel.
"So if my erections lasts longer then four hours without the pill is that a problem?" Jin questioned  looking down at his lap. Eliza did too
"You can last more then four hours?" She sounded shocked but was intrigued,
"Is that too long?" He looked at her confused.
"No" the world escaped and she shook her head flushing. "You have high stamina" she commented.
"I've lasted a half hour before taking care of it" J hope commented.
"I beat you, two hours. I was so uncomfortable" Suga said.
"What were you doing for two hours?" Eliza questioned curious. He just grinned.
"I lasted the twenty minutes and then some when Belle did her lap dance for me" Kookie said.
"Thats not long" Namjoon said.
"Oh yea, what about you? I know you creamed your pants"

Namjoon slapped a hand over his mouth.
"Nothing. My longest hold back was an hour and a half" he said.
"I win, I went the entire party, four hours" Jin said.
"Is that even possible" Eliza questioned.
"I don't know. Can a girl stay turned on for more then twenty minutes?" Jin countered looking at Eliza. A blush tinted her cheeks.
"Two hours" Eliza admitted, bringing a grin to Jin's face.
"Is love to see you squirm when your turned on" he said.
"Oh god" she covered her face.
"I don't think any of you actually need the little blue pill to help you out" Eliza recovered.  There was a round of laughter.
"No we don't " Jin said.

After that Eliza finished up on Jin's hair and finally got to Namjoon, last but not least. Someone was switching channels and when we heard it, that person stopped switching.
Everyone in the room recited the damn Viagra  Commercial this time round.

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Hahahaha.....that commercial drives me nuts too. I think I could recite it by heart, along with various other commercials (and I don't even really watch TV).