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Hello! I don't think anybody has noticed but, Yoongi is my UB. And I'm late for this, I apologize, but I've been very sick all day and I haven't been motivated to do this card until now. This card is about my 7 reasons why I love Min Yoongi. Let's get started, shall we~?

Reason #1:

He's an absolute dork
He's such a cutie pie and his smile can light up the world! Yoongi does these cute little faces and it's adorable. He can be such a dork at times, especially when it comes to fans!

Reason #2:

His passion for music
His passion for music is like no other! He truly cares about creating and playing music, it's very admirable. Especially for young musicians like myself. His music and lyrics are very meaningful which leads me to the next reason...

Reason #3:

His rapping
On his mixtape, he told a story. A story of what he has faced and that takes guts to rap about those things but that's not all what this is about. In First Love, he told a story of how the piano was the one of the only things he knew and truly cared about. He raps in such a way, that he can create a story.

Reason #4:

How much he cares for the other members
Even though he acts very cold, he's actually an absolute sweetheart. Especially towards his members. He shows he cares in subtle ways, and it fits his style.

Reason #5:

His love for Min Holly
His usually cold demeanor melts when somebody mentions Min Holly and it's absolutely adorable how much he truly cares about Holly. He's such a good pet owner to treat Holly like the absolute cute little thing that she is and spoils her~

Reason #6:

His sleepiness and laziness
He could fall asleep anywhere, doesn't matter the time. He works hard but his sleepiness and laziness is a byproduct of his hard work!

Reason #7:

His gummy smile
His cute little gummy smile could save us all. I just had to give his smile and make it it's own reason! When he smiles, it's like the world has seen the light and storms and wars halt just for his smile. That's all my reasons! (even though I have over 1,000 probably) I'm absolutely excited for the rest of this week!

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This is so cute, I love it but not as much as my Sugabear 😜😍❀