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In participation of counting down till this cuties birthday we have planned out 7 eventful days!

Tuesday: Show us your favourite L gid set.
Wednesday: Who do you ship L with the most.
Thursday: Give us your 5 reasons why everyone should love and get to know L.
Friday: What do you think are the 7 most embarrassing moments for L.
Saturday: Show me what you think was L's best concept image.
Sunday: Celebrate his birthday in korea with as much spam as a card can hold.
Monday: Celebrate his birthday in the US with spam and a letter to L.

I wish to see what you all share these next 7 days!

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I love this man so much we're both the same age that makes me happy but I can still call him Oppa cuz my bday is in April 😘😘😘😘
Ok 😊😊😊 I hope Vingle doesn't act up though I remember I tried posting something that took me so long to write it took me 3 tries to try an upload it ugh πŸ˜‘