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I recently had a bit of a problem with my lymphatic system, and am always looking for ways to improve it. There are plenty of diets and exercises but one of the best methods is called dry brushing. I am just starting to try it, so this card is as much a help for me as it is a guide for you :)

What is it?

Dry brushing is a technique of using a soft but firm brush on the skin to excited your lymphatic system and much more!

Why do it?

There are so many benefits! It gets rid of dead skin cells, excites the blood to make your skin look healthier, and gets your lymph system moving. Your lymph system is what helps flush toxins out of your body so its very important to keep it running :)

How do you it?

Here's a helpful video that breaks it down well!
Starting at your feet, you brush lightly towards your heart. Moving up your arms and circling around the chest. This excites the skin and your lymph system!

Has anyone tried this? I'm buying my brush tonight!

it looks like it hurts..
What is this brush called?
its called a dry brushing brush haha or a cactus brush!
LOL. I think a bathing brush would do the trick.