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Time Slip Dr. Jin live recap will begin TONIGHT on 10.pm. Did Jinhyuk also get the disease? Can he save Ha eng's son? Also don't miss the beginning of triangle love between Jinhyuk, Young rae and Choon Hong A modern time brain surgeon in joseon dynasty. Love story that beats time. Don't miss it TONIGHT!!! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Cast Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk (JH) Park MIn Young as Yoo MIna (future) / Hong Young Rae (Past)(YR) Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak (KT) Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung (HE) Lee So Yeon as Choon Hoong (CH) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jinhyuk and Young rae are busy treating the patients in the treatment center. The Father of the boys was able to made some bottle that was needed by Jinhyuk (it's a tube to replace infusion ). Jinhyuk taught Young Rae how to do infusion to patients (It was a long and thick needle connected with the tube that was in Jinhyuk"s bag). Kyung tak came and told Young Rae to go back. Young rae refused. Kyung tak asked Youngrae if Jinhyuk is the one who told her to stay in the treatment center. Jinhyuk said yes because the patients believe in Young Rae. Ha eung come and asked about his son's condition. Ha Eung took same salt, and syrup with him. Some doctor came and told Jinhyuk that Ha eung's son condition is getting worse. Myong Bok (Ha eung's son) condition was getting worse. Jinhyuk decided to do another infusion in Myong Bok's thigh. Outside. Ha eung promised to God (looking at the sky) that if Myong Bok can survive , we will not smoke, and drink alcohol. In the morning, Young rae told Jinhyuk to take a rest . At that time,Myong Bok was awake. After that, Ha Eung, Jinhyuk, Young Rae and the doctor watched Myob bok take a pee (which means that the disease was healed). The boy (whose mother was saved by Jinhyuk before) come and get Jinhyuk to see something. Someone sent some salt and some supplies to the village. It was came from nowhere. Ha eung said that some body know about Jinhyuk's work and decided to help him.(it was actualy given by Young hwi and his bandit gang) At that time, the boy's mother was awake and came outside. The boy and the husband welcomed her. At that time, Jinhyuk suddenly started vomitting . Jinhyuk told anyone not to get close to him. Jinhyuk also suspected he himself also get cholera. Young rae was taking care Jinhyuk who was vomitting. Jinhyuk told Young rae to get away so she will not be infected by him. But Young Rae refused and told him that Jinhyuk saved the people and now it's time for the people to save him. Minister Kim, Kyung Tak and the officer doctor was drinking at gisaeng house (off course accompanied by Choon Hong). Suddenly some soldier came and told him that Jinhyuk was also infected with the disease. Choon Hong look worried. The soldier told them, Young Rae was also there. Minister Kim asked Kyung tak why she was there. Kyung Tak answered but Minister KIm was not satisfied with the answer. At the treatment center, Young rae insert the infusion to Jinhyuk. Outside, Ha eung and Myong Bok worried about Jinhyuk. Ha eung told Myong Bok not to worried, and promised he will try to save Jinhyuk like Jinhyuk saved him. Ha eung carried some barrel. some man saw it and told him not to do it, but Ha eung already decided to help. At the treatment center, Jinhyuk think that now he know how the patients feel, and he was also afraid of death. Kyung tak was drinking alone in the gisaeng house. Choon Hong came and tried to pour him a glass, but Kyung tak refused. Choon hong tried to guess why Kyung tak was drinking alone, but Kyung tak ended up angry and left the giseang house. Haeung came to the treatment center and asked some doctor about Jinhyuk's condition. Some village man came and told the doctor that the medicine was running out. Ha eung was angry and said he will do something. The doctor laughed at Haeung as soon as he left. Myongbok stand up and defended his father. Young Hwi was walking alone in the dark, when suddenly he meet Kyung tak who was a little bit drunk. Kyung tak and Young hwi was talking beside the river. Kyung Tak was telling Young Hwi about his sadness, about Young Rae who was still not return his feeling. Young Hwi tried to encourage him but not succeded. At the treatment center. Young rae was wiping Jinhyuk's sweat (face part) when Jinhyuk unconciously see Young Rae as Mina. Jinhyuk started to call "Mina..mina ". Young Rae throw Jinhyuk"s hand off and ran outside, Young rae remembered that Jinhyuk asked her once if they've ever met before. Choonhong come to treatment center and brought some supplies . Young Rae met with Choon Hong, Choon Hong asked Young rae if she can be the one to take care Jinhyuk. Young Rae refused with telling her that they have some special treatment. Choong Hong told Young rae to be careful, she might be some bad news for jInhyuk . Suddenly the doctor came out and told Young rae that Jinhyuk's condition was getting worse. Young rae came inside and left Choon Hong outside. Choon Hong tried to get in when the boy's father came and stalled her saying that nobody can get in. Young Rae remembered that Jinhyuk did another infusion in Myong bok's thigh when the condition got worse. The doctor open Jinhyuk 's clothes and show her Jinhyuk's thigh. But she can't look it (Old tradition cause). But since the doctor never did the infusion. Young rae decided to do the infusion.Choon Hong who saw all of that (from outside the window) decided to give up and left the treatmet center. Ha eung was waiting in the road for the officer's doctor. When the officer's doctor showed up, Ha eung told him about Jinhyuk who saved his son's life. The officer's doctor decided to help Jinhyuk (with some money). At the treatment care. Young rae was beside Jinhyuk whispering "u have to came back..." Jinhyuk who was in his imagination standing in the hospital roof and falling down heard Young rae's voice. Jinhyuk came to his conscious. Young rae called the doctor. the doctor actually already told the village people that Jinhyuk was getting worse. Ha eung came and asked Jinhyuk's condition. he was answered with the village poeple's sad face. The doctor came out and took pose in front of village people. Inside. Jinhyuk told Youngrae that he hear her voice not to go and come back. The doctor finally told village pople that Jinhyuk was conscious. Village people and Ha eung entered the treatment center to see him by themself. Jinhyuk told them to go out because it was dangerous inside. But everyone didn't care. Ha eung told Jinhyuk that he doesn't need to worry about money for the medicine. the officer's doctor decided to help them. Back in Minister Kim's place. The officer's doctor told minister Kim and Kyung tak about Jinhyuk's success. The minister Kim decided to destroy the village where Jinhyuk treated everyone. Kyung tak heard it and asked Minister Kim if he can be the one who did it. In the village. some boys was playing hide and seek (the boy whose mother was helped by Jinhyuk and Myong Bok).Some soldier kidnapped Young rae and took her to Kyung Tak. After making sure Young rae's safety, the soldier came to the village and set fire in the village. Everyone ran away, include Jinhyuk, Ha eung, and the patients. The mother realized that her son was vanished. So she searched him and found him getting scared in one of the room . The father was hysteric outside telling everyone that his wife and son was still inside trapped in the fire. Jinhyuk tried to run inside and helped them, But Haeung stopped him. Kyung tak was running away in the horse with Young Rae. After the fire was down, the father, Jinhyuk and Haeung was looking for his wife and son. They found them, and frealized that the boy was still alive. In the hill. Young rae stepped down the horse and see the village was in thick smoke. Young rae told Kyung tak that she was supposed to be there. But Kyung tak got mad and left her. Young rae was crying . In the village, Everyone was burrying the woman. The boy was crying and blaming himself. the father said it's already faith. Jinhyuk told the boy , no need to be sad, because the mother died because she tried to save him. The village and Jinhyuk and Haeung was climbing to the hill. when Jinhyuk and Haeung found Young rae . Three of them can only see down to the village with sadness. Next episode preview: Jinhyuk was teaching some doctor in Joseon dynasty. Young rae came and brought some mealbox for him. She also asked him about Mina whose name was called out Jinhyuk. On the way home. Young rae met Kyung tak and told him directlly that she just met Jinhyuk and delivered him some mealbox. Some giseang face's was filled with big red infection. Jinhyuk came and found out it was syphilis. Can he also cured this disease?
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