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Sexy & Soulful Seungyoon Tuesdays: Seungyoon as your Boyfriend/Husband
Hi all, V here. How is everyone today? So yeah I know I've been bad the past few weeks about posting about our soulful Seungyoon but you know life happens and it sometimes prevents as from doing what we want. I'm just happy that I can see the light out of my stressful tunnel to post carda this week.
Today I'll be posting on what I think Seungyoon would be as a Boyfriend/Husband. My next card today will also be as How I think he would be as a Dad. Both of these are straight out of my own imagination with the majority of the gifs that I made with a few that I found and those credits goes to their rightful owners
So without further ado,

Seungyoon as Your Boyfriend/Husband

Would consist of him wanting to hold your hand and soulful longing gazes
Long conversations on the phone while he is on tour
Text messages telling you how much he misses you, loves you and Wishing you the best
Treating you to dinner and feeding you
Concern you may not be eating enough and concern for your helath
Nights of finding him in the studio and writing songs about you
Him seranding you and playing songs just for you
Playing games that result in either you doing a favor for him or him doing one for you either way it's a win win situation
He get upset whenever you argue and feel guilty immediately after
he be so upset he upset you he would mull it over and then it would take a couple of hours or days depending on how big the fight before he apologizes first knowing how stubborn you are
bringing and sending you flowers and your favorites snack
if he gets news your sick, injured, or in extreme need of him he would drop everything
because you have become someone more precious to him than his career. When you go into labor with his kid he be ecstatic, happy , nervous and do everything in his power to get to you
You would never be in doubt that you are always on his mind, in his dreams, and his hopes for the future

Because when you are with him

him with you

it's nothing but fireworks


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Wow!! I'm speechless 😵
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8 months ago
Can he be my husband!
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sure he can
8 months ago