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Morning Fam^^
I hade some time in between work and volunteering yesterday so I made another text!
I hope you guys enjoy it!

If you would like to see the first text or see how to submit a request for a text scenario, I gotchu you covered!
~In which the members have a crush on you and you ask for their advice on a dress for a dance


You: Hey Jinjin JinJin: What’s up? You: I think I found it! THE DRESS. You: *sends pic of yourself in it* You: So… Whatcha think? JinJin: Oh… Looks nice. You: Just nice? That’s it? 😒 JinJin: Well… I don’t know what do you want me to say? You: That I look like BOMB. You know… Something more than ‘nice’. JinJin: Well the dress is pretty. And so are you. So I guess… You look beautiful? You: 😮… You: SEE. THAT WASN’T SO HARD. 😉


You: MJ! You: Look what I found… MJ: What… What is it?!? You: *sends a picture of yourself in a dress* 😊 You: How does it look on me? MJ: Do you want me to be honest? Really honest? You: Oh god you aren’t going to call me fat again are you? Because that was NOT funny last time! MJ: No, no, no… Nothing like that… You: Ohhh, I am intrigued… Continue. MJ: Umm… *contemplates telling her she is gorgeous or not* MJ: …. MJ: JUST KIDDING. That is what I was going to say! Oh man you caught me.. 😅 You: I KNEW IT. You little… MJ: *sighs*undefinedundefined


Rocky: Hey (Y/N), how is the shopping going? You: Ughhh… Okay I guess. You: I found the perfect dress but it is so expensive… 😭😭 Rocky: Can I see it? You: *sends a pic of yourself in it* You: See it’s awesome but it is 200 dollars. Like DAMN, I could buy like a gazillion meals with that money 😫😨 Rocky: Wow that is expensive… Have you found any others yet? You: Noo… None of them are as great as this one. If only I wasnt broke AF 😢 Rocky: … Rocky: I can help you pay for it. You: 😲 REALLY? Are you sure?! Rocky: Of course. Especially if it is the one. Let me head over real quick. You just need to pay me back, alright? You: Of course! I ain’t no mooch! You are literally the BEST. Rocky: Anything for you (Y/N) 😊


Eunwoo: (Y/N), stop sending me dresses. You: But I need help! I don’t know what looks good or not. You: *sends him another pic* You: What about this one? Eunwoo: Good I guess. You: That is what you said about the last 15!!😧 Eunwoo: What they all looked good! You: Well, which one looked the best? Eunwoo: I don’t know… Uhhh… The light blue one? You: But I don’t look so good in that one… Eunwoo: You look good in everything (Y/N). It doesn’t matter what dress you wear because anything you wear will be beautiful guaranteed. You: 😰 You: Dang Eunwoo, you should definitely tell the girl you like stuff like that because man… That was so smooth. 😂 Eunwoo: *facepalms*undefinedundefinedundefined


You: Yah! If you are just going to whine about not being here than just come! Moonbin: What do you mean whine? I am not whining… You: Uh-huh… You: 'Why was I not iNvItIeDDD?!?!’ Doesn’t sound like whining to you? Moonbin: It’s an actual question! You know I would have helped you with the dress and the compliments… You: Exactly. So just come here and help me now! My zipper is stuck… 😠 Moonbin: Uhhh… I can’t do that. You: What why not? It’s just a zipper it’s not that hard… I just can’t reach it… Moonbin: I will come but I am NOT helping you zip up the dresses! You: WAE. TELL ME WAE. Moonbin: Because… *I might not be able to control myself* You: Fine. Fine. Whatever. Just get here please! Moonbin: On the way! 😀


You: Okay, now how about this one? You: *sends another pic* Beagle: *blushes* Pretty… You: Yes Sanha, they are pretty. But I need to know which one is really pretty! You: *sends one more pic* Beagle: *blushes again* This one is pretty too… You: Oh my -… Which one is the best Sanha?! Beagle: The… Uh… Beagle: Boob one… You: Wait what? Beagle: BLUE. I MEANT TO SAY BLUE. You: 😂😂😂😂😂 Woo that was funny. Okay, I really like that one too. I will get it then. Thanks Sanha. Beagle: Uh-huh *dies of embarrassment*undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Had a favorite one? Let me know^^

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And I thought Moonbin's was dirty, Sanha my child! Oml, guys, I'm a noona and Sanha is my child holy mother...