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A Couple Things That Happened: BTS RUN! Ep 13
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Did they find out who is the spy???
6 months ago·Reply
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I did. They ended the episode when they were about to do the 4th challenge
6 months ago
I would guess it was Jungkook 😂
6 months ago·Reply
I thought it was Kookie at the beginning.....but it would be funny if it wasn't.
6 months ago
omg im laughing so hard .... LOOK AT JIN WITH THAT TOWEL HAT THINGY .. ITS SO CUTEEE OMG !!!😂 😂 😂 😂
6 months ago·Reply
I saw everything twice today and I'm really glad I did! Those dorks are so funny!
6 months ago·Reply
What is the show?
6 months ago·Reply
It's "Run BTS!" <--- THATS THE SHOW~~~~~~
6 months ago