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Episode 3 Marry Him If You Dare is already going to have a kiss! What?! So soon, apparently it's going to be a little teased kiss that isn't suppose to mean much...hmmm...I don't know about that. Does that mean that YongHwa Oppa won't have a chance anymore? :(
T-T true....
yeah that episode was great... we saw another side of kim shin's character.. though i love yonhwa since forever... i really don't think that they will end up together... we saw the chemistry between kim shin and mirae... i can feel the electricity between them...lol.. and with yonghwa and mirae.. i only feel his attraction for her...
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I think that too, but then I'm admitting that Yonghwa doesn't have a chance and I love how he is and I just love him in general, hahaha. Oh well, but the episode was pretty good! :)
nah i don't think that was kim shin's future self.. that guy was ugly!! lol... i bet he's like a police or something to make things the way the past happened just the way it was... that's why this drama is exciting, you can't predict what will happen next, only the end result .. it's nice to finally see this kind of characteristic from kim shin.. makes him more human than a fu*king robot.. first time i saw him smile...lol.. what i think will happen is he continues to be aware that mirae is someone who is special.. his jealousy will continue and i think mirae will be swayed in his direction once again,, both men are definitely attracted to her.. both yonghwa and kim shin's stare made me squeel!! but we only saw mirae reacting to kim shin's... how about you? what do you think will happen?
Yeah I just saw it and I guess his future self comes to change the future too, waht do you think will happen??
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