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It's True Love Tuesday, and today, we're having fun with love triangles! It can be your favorite shipping war or even a case where you love multiple sides; you don't even have to pick a side!

Ichigo x Rukia x Orihime - Bleach

I love this triangle because I think all 3 sides work! I tried to be balanced in covering this triangle, but it's tough, as I'm biased toward IchiRuki and RukiHime almost evenly, while IchiHime is really only even on my radar because they got canonized... I just love the dynamic of Ichigo and Rukia's relationship (I mean, they argue like an old married couple!), and Rukia is so supportive of Orihime. I know Orihime's in love with Ichigo (who didn't cry when she visited him before leaving for Hueco Mundo?) and he obviously cares for her, so it's not like there's nothing there, but I've just never been excited about them as a couple, personally... But still, I love this triangle!
So share your favorite love triangle with us!
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My favorite part was when Rukia was there to comfort Orihime after she was told she couldn't help fight because she will only get in the way. It broke my heart and I am glad Rukia was there to help. 😌
On a separate note I didn't know about those databooks symbolism :D that's so cool and sad at the same time cuz it makes IchiHime even more confusing thanks for that :)
I finished Your Lie In April last night and I'm still recovering. The Kaori x Kosei and Tsubaki x Kosei was heartbreaking and amazing...but I loved Kaori and Emi as love interesrs for Kosei.
I'm the Bleach mod how comes I have no tag D:
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@ZephyrBlaze thanx! I try! 😁