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Ever wonder what I'd be like to live with your bias ...
but why thigure out what your life be with just one when you can have a life with ...

How To Play:

Enter you top 12 biases into the >>#Randomizer<<. And then check back here and use the corresponding numbers to find out what your life with your biases would be like ~~
1. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend
2. Best Friend
3. Crush
4. Your Enemy
5. Your Husband/ Wife
6. Your Child
7. Your Friend
8. Your Neighbor
9. Your Boss
10. Your Co-worker
11. Your Childhood Friend
12. Has a crush on You
So how's your life with your biases? It's it everything you wished for? Let me know by commenting down below your results~~
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1. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Jackson (GOT7) 2. Best Friend Zuho (SF9) 3. Crush JinJin (Astro) 4. Your Enemy Jun (17) 5. Your Husband/ Wife Cory (24k) 6. Your Child Suga (BTS) 7. Your Friend Leo (VIXX) 8. Your Neighbor GD 9. Your Boss Jay Park 10. Your Co-worker Mino (WINNER) 11. Your Childhood Friend Henry Lau 12. Has a crush on You Mattew (KARD)