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Hi all V here. So as promise here is a card dedicated to my musings if Seungyoon was a father...
Are these cards making him into your bias or is he already your bias? I bet he's wrecking you like he does me. lol
I imagine Seungyoon as caring, doying, playful and funny dad.
He would be the one to play, color, and give them rides on his back legs or knees.
He enjoy being a big kid with them but at the same time knowing when to discipline.
You would definitely find him having the lids be the seekers as he hides trying to get some music lyrics down but at the same time he would sneak in the children bedrooms and take a nap with them or steal their stuff animal and cuddle up with it on the floor beside their beds
he would do silly dances to make them smile
he find way to give the gifts without being obvious so they don't get too spoiled
Even though he be playful and the fun dad doesn't mean he wouldn't give them a stern lecture when they've done something wrong. He would feel guilty for making the child cry and want to cry himself.
At somepoint when he returns from tour he'll be at his wits end with all the attention of the kids vying for him " Dad, Daddy, Appa." and probably lock himself in a room to breathe but secretly enjoying every minute of it.
He would come out and grab them up in a bear hug.
He read them bedtime stories and sing them lullabies
Sometimes he will just go sit in the bathroom to breathe and find the time for his self in His busy life of idol, songwriter, producer, husband and dad.
He is a big believer of showing affection.
After disciplining the children he would make sure they know what is wrong and give them a hug for them and for himself so he feel a little bit better for making them cry.
He's the type to take his children on playdates with his members others kids but be knocked out from a playing too hard with them.
He would make sure though their was someone there take over before he knocks out.

Seungyoon would make a great dad

He would make sure his kids had self confidence, ambition, dreams and know that anything is possible.

His children would be achievers, dreamers and believers

He would also make sure his kids knew the value of hard work
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Awe! Seungyoon would make a wonderful daddy ❤