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As someone whose traveled a bit I can confirm that the US is one of the least racist places in the world.
i suppose religion and social status makes up for those numbers too... reason why i said it is b/c an Indian friend once said to me, if i bring home a guy from Pakistan, my family will disown me. i was quite taken back by her words b/c i assume with them being neighboring countries, they share similar cultures, dialect and religion, they would be cordial towards each other. i would have never guess there were any animosity and i don't really know the history on that but i thought that was interesting when she mentioned it to me. yes, i know its also a matter of an opinion but i wonder if there's any truth to it.....which also makes me think of other tribes and groups within a country that has hate for one another, "genocide", sad to think instead of working towards a better future for their ppl they are fighting among each b/c of diversity....
yeah, where have you been that is
trurth, the us is not racist