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Hey Fam!

So since I forgot to do an entry yesterday here is one for you all! I hope you all enjoy it!

*laughs evilly

Also, since doing the list takes me FOREVER, I am going to put up Entry Twenty-Six as the go-to for all the chapters before it and then do every chapter after that.
It will look like this from now on (as I have no idea how many entries I will be going up to LOL

Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~

Entries: 1-26 ~ 27

Dear Diary,

So...yeah. Your owner got asked to the dance on Christmas Eve. 

I was in total shock honestly. He came out of no where and just asked me.

Who was it you ask? 

It was Daehyun. DAEHYUN.

Yeah, that's right. Not Jongup, who I am pretty sure you were expecting it to be. 

But instead no, it was his member. DAEHYUN.

It all went down after IU, the back-up dancers, and I performed. We were on the way out when Daehyun stopped me as I was the last behind the rest of them. 

I was kind of worried as he had this look on his face but obviously I am not good at guessing what is wrong with people (refer  to Entry Twenty-One with Jongup...)

He just blurted it out, like he had been holding in a secret or something.

'Will you go to the dance with me?'


I sound like I am freaking going to prom. I didn't know how to answer him and just kind of stared at this face. Because first of all... he is attractive mind you and just the fact that he was asking me out of everyone blew my mind.

Like IU is now single and there are so many other pretty idols in the company...But me?

I swear the B.A.P members need to get their heads checked out because there is something seriously wrong with all of them.

Anyways, he said he would wait for my answer but today is already the 21st.

It is in three days... 


Can I just go with you Diary?

Come on, a slow dance won't hurt. I can hold your...pages in my hands and I won't look crazy at all...

Right? T-T

Well, now if you excuse me, I will go contemplate my life while staring at the ceiling instead of going to sleep. 

I will report back to you tomorrow, with hopefully, a plan of some sort.

Good night!



Ahh the drama. It never ends. 

At least not for my stories LOL. 

Also, if you would like to be added to this taglist, let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~

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