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BTS Buttons - Opinions Needed!
Hey guys! I'm making buttons to give to donors for the geofilter project but I need helping in picking which style to make. What do you guys think?
The Adventure Time style will have the members designed in the YNWA era.
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i like the adventure time style and the monster version. i think there are more concept photo and monster version than the adventure time. i would buy an adventure time button
8 months ago·Reply
I like the official photos 😆 You can never go wrong with BTS pictures 😊😊😊
8 months ago·Reply
I love the official photos~! 😄
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Couldn't you run into legal troubles using the official photos? I like the idea of the Adventure Time buttons, it's cute and more original.
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oh okay :) you should sell them! you worked to make them
7 months ago