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Here are 7 reasons to love and adore this member of BTS
1. He's so darn cute! How could you not think he's cute?!
2. he raps and he is great at it! Him as Agust D is just something really special and different.
3. He is so seductive! Everytime he does that, he makes me think dirty thoughts! So sexy!
4. He cares for his fellow members! He may not show it but he definitely has a big heart!
5. He loves his fans! He just loves talking o them and interacting with them and it is not just getting a signature or a handshake, hug, or even a selfie, he really likes to chat!
6. He can produce! He has produced almost every song of BTS! Thats talent right there!
and last but certainly not least,
7. His personality. He is always tired, he mostly just wants to sleep (like me!), and also has the attitude of a grampa which is just too funny!
There are many other reasons to like Min Yoongi, but most importantly, I like him for him!
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