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Hey you guys, this is Emily. As you can see from the title, I was thinking about giving out plot ideas that you guys are free to try to write.

I've done this before on fanfiction.net, and I've seen many of the plots I came up with being written beautifully by amazing writers and twisting it around to fit their style of writing.

If you guys like this idea, I'll try to come up with more in the future. I mostly come up with a lot ideas for stories, but I seem to never have the motive to write them myself

So, for the first plot idea, which is based around the mv above.

Jung Taekwoon is a famous clothes maker. He has his own brand and design, and his most famous designs are the dresses he makes. Every couple years he somehow comes out with that one dress that every woman dreams of having, but he only makes one and never puts it out for the public.

What his fans don't know is that he's suffering from MPD. His darker half, Leo, is a serial killer and has been active a couple years before Taekwoon became famous. Each of his 'kills' were his girlfriends that he went out with.

(in the mv, it's shown that Leo had gone through 5 girlfriends before the current one, so that's six kills)

Taekwoon knows about his darker half, but he doesn't know about Leo killing his girlfriends.

Tada, that's the idea. It's up to you if you want him to get caught after he kills the sixth girl or not, but either way I believe you guys can write it if you're up to the challenge.
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