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Que tal peeps!

This is for mature ppl. WARNING VIOLENCE SOO YEAH!

Yoongi POV

A few days passed since y/n accused me of cheating. I was hurt by her ever thinking I would do her like Namjoon. But I missed her. I was in my room thinking about if I should call her when Hobi busted in screaming. Jimin was standing by the door like he seen a ghost.

"Bro you need to see this." Jimin said in a scared tone.

The rest of the guys were all by the patio door staring. I pushed through the crowd. My eyes didn't blink the whole time. I felt like there was a frog in my throat. The patio was full of dead cats with broken necks. There was variety of, white, brown, etc.

"This isn't funny! Who the fuck did this?" I yelled.

"Don't look at us! Whoever left thia note." Tae said.

"You found a note Tae and didn't tell anyone? Read it idiot." Jin said.

Here is a gift since you like pussy so much! Have your fuckin' pick bitch.

I snatched the note from Tae and I read it, because I didn't believe him. "Who in their right would do this?" I said while crumbling up the note.

"No one in their right mind would." Namjoon sarcastically said.

"These cats suffered for nothing." Jungkook said.

"Do you think?" Hobi said.

"No she would never do this. Leave my baby out of this. Obviously it was one of lover boy's bitches." I said while eying Namjoon.

"Let's clean this mess up. I see crows lurking around." Namjoon said.

"Well I'm reporting this." Jimin said while rushing to the phone.

Could it it couldn't been her. She loves animals.

I was ao happy that I passed my English final. I went to the library to thanks Andi. She was super excited for me. She had me a friendly side hug. I suddenly heard a noise behind me only seen a shadow when I looked behind me.

I walked outside and there she was smoking. I approached her and she blew smoke in my face.

"Well that's a nice way to say hello to your boyfriend who has been worried sick about you."

"You wasn't worried when you were hugging that slut bitch." She said.

"So that was u watching? It was just a side huge. Again she likes girls y/n. Baby just..."

She took her cigarette and presses it against my cheek. I hissed when I felt my skin against the heat. I jumped back and smacked the cigarette out her hand.

"What the fuck?!" I yelled.

"Love hurts like a bitch don't it. It will make you do insane things." She licked wound and then away.

It was 3am when someone began pounding on our door. I rolled over cursing. When I heard Jungkook and Hobi yelling. I sat up on my bed. Then suddenly someone kicked my door down. It was her but not her. She had a wild animal look in her eyes. She was covered in blood. She had 2 sacks dripping in blood.

"You like her so much?! Min Yoongi?"

"What the fuck babe? What are you talking about?" I yelled.

Namjoon walked while she threw one bloody sack at me. Then she threw one act Namjoon.

"Here are the stupid bitches you let take you away from me! Ha ha kiss the fuckin bride!"

We both opened the sack and Namjoon ran out screaming. I looked doqn to see Andi's head warm and dripping staining my sheets. I zoned out. I looked up and I seen her chasing Namjoon with a bloody knife.

The police came out of nowhere and they grabbed her quickly. They had her pinned to the ground. I almost cracked when I looked into Andi's opened eyes. All the chaos around me was white noise.

"One pussy two pussies dead and gone!" She blurted out singing.


"I told you she was a crazy bitch bro." Namjoon said during our therapy session.

We all were having therapy sessions individually and in small groups. Namjoon, Jimin, and I were in one group. The school social worker suggested this for us all.

"She is sick." Jimin said.

"What do you mean exactly. When you say that Namjoon?" The therapist asked.

"She imagine things. She thought I cheated on her. I never was in her apartment sleeping with some bitch. She made that up just like she swear you was with Andi. She was the one who killed those cats. I know her handwriting. Besides I caught her singing that creepy song she was singing when she gave us those heads at the park before those cats were on our balcony. I tried warning Yoongi but he just wouldn't listen. Those pills she took were not sleeping pills....those were her pills for her paranoia.

"" I said.

"I just never thoughy she would do this. Maybe I should have did more..." Namjoon began tearing up.

"Naw bro she was far gone. She would sing that song around me but I just thought it was a joke." I said.

"What happened was very traumatic. I'm sorry you all had to go through that. However, it was not your fault. We are not psychic and we can only control what we do." The therapist said in a soothing tone.

After therapy I go in my room and begin writing. This helped me cope instead of drinking like I used to. I wanted a drink so bad, but I pormised myself and my friends that I would not. Jungkook was worried the most that I would turn back to drinking. I am just happy therapy is going well and that Namjoon and I are cool again. We said that we will live to the motto bros before hoes.

I open up the curtians in my rooms and allow the sunshine to flood in my room. The warmth felt good against my pale cold skin. I took a deep breath and begain writing. I could feel the tense feeling leave my body with each stroke of the pen against the paper. I had to accept that what happened did happen. I had to properly grieve and let go. I needed to live again.

Hidden messages in your kisses
That crashed upon my lips
Wetter than the rain that exploded from the heavens.
Raining down creating waters that wind and contort my being.
She watched me drowning
And never threw out the lifesaver...
Crashing Waves
Deadly waters.....

- Min Yoongi

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