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So in honor of byg being back I decided to write a short one shot.
“Tick tock, Tick tock.” The clock chirped loudly, as I watched the hands dance to the beat. “Noona you know that won’t bring Hyung home faster right?” Daehyun chuckled as he entered the room. “I know.” I sighed in frustration, pushing myself away from the slightly charred countertop, all thanks to one of the many kitchen disasters that happened when Daehyun cooked. Quickly shaking the thought I turned my attention to Daehyun. “He has just been gone for so long!” I sobbed finally letting out the built up emotions. Just then two muscular arms pulled me tightly into their embrace. “He will be back before you know it Noona.” Daehyun cooed. I had to admit very few things could make me feel the way I did when I was tangled in his embrace. Listening to his soft humming always made me feel like I was home. We swayed as if dancing to the sound of our hearts. “I would be lost without you Dae.” I purred letting, my head fall onto his chest as neither of us showed any signs of breaking the embrace. That was when it happened. The ghastly sound of starvation echoed around us as I silently cursed the timing of my stomach. “How about we get some food and put on a movie?” He chuckled, heading towards the fridge. The moment was short lived, as his phone started to blare his ring tone. “Hello?” He sighed into it trying to hide his annoyance. Not wanting to get in his way in case it had to do with work, I quickly went in search of the many take out menus we had. Mainly for the safety of our kitchen, and our health. Minutes ticked by as i searched endlessly in vain. “Did you misplace something Noona?” Kookie beamed, rushing to aid me in my search. “Oh Kookie, when did you get back?” I smiled stopping briefly to look up towards the maknae. “I just got here a moment ago.” He smiled brightly. “I can help you look for whatever it is.” He chuckled noticing the destroyed couch. “You haven’t by chance seen the take-out menus have you?” I huffed, trying to clean up the mess I had made, just as Daehyun walked into the room. His face dripped of disappointment. “Did something happen?” I quickly asked, rushing to his side. “Not exactly.” He grumbled heading towards the stairs. “Dae?!” I yelled quickly, rushing after him. To my surprise he went to every room calling everyone to the living room. “Jung Daehyun what’s going on?” I pushed for answers, but was only met with his pained smile. Fear struck my heart. ‘Was Yongguk okay? Did something horrible happen?’ Questions swarmed my every thought, while my heart felt like it might burst. Only after everyone was seated in their chairs did Daehyun start to speak. “Noona, I’m sorry, but can you please wait in the other room?” He smiled reassuringly, leaving me no choice but to trust him. With a loud displeasing sigh, I made my way back into the Kitchen watching the time dance away once again. “Tick tock goes the clock.” I mumbled feeling left out. “5 minutes…. 10 minutes…. 30 minutes.. Okay Jung Daehyun you have had more than enough time just what in the…..” I gasped unable to believe my eyes. “You can’t be.. Is this… Are you really back?!” I screamed full of joy rushing into his open arms completely forgetting why I was mad in the first place. “I missed you too.” He chuckled pulling me tightly into his embrace. “When did you.. How did you..” I stumbled over my words unable to form any type of coherente sentences. Before I knew what was happening his lips pressed softly onto my own. “Calm down love.” He smirked against my lips as his familiar scent danced around the air. “Mmm I just missed you so much Yongguk Oppa.” I mumbled quickly hiding my face in his chest. “Wait where did everyone go? I promised to watch a movie with Dae.” I gasped quickly looking around the room as it finally dawned on me. “So you would rather watch a movie with Daehyun than spend time with me?” He taunted pulling away amused. “Wait Oppa it isn’t like that.” I quickly tried to explain myself. “Tell me what has happened while I was gone, for you to pick Daehyun over me.” He snickered enjoying my reaction. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or serious. I could only stare at him in shock. “Wait.. Did something really happen?” He questioned baffled quickly reaching for his phone. “N-nothing happened.” I quickly muttered causing him to smirk. “So Daehyun, what exactly happened while I was away?” He mused as his grin doubled in size. “Ah I see.” He snickered hanging up and tossing his phone to the side. “You let Daehyun sit in my spot for too long my dear.” He snickered moving closer until my back was firmly pressed against the wall. Unable to answer I quickly lowered my gaze. “Uh-nuh, I don’t think so my love.” He chuckled gently placing his slender fingers underneath my chin forcing me to look into his eyes. “Didn’t I warn you last time. Just because I am away doesn’t mean Daehyun get’s to play.” He smiled, bringing his lips centimeters away from my own. “I didn’t mean to.” I whined, unable to think straight from his intoxicating scent. “Sam!! I heard Yongguk was back from… Oh…..Hello Yongguk oppa..” Mic, bren, and Sol came rushing into my house only to stop short at the sight before them. Yongguk only turned his head to greet them without showing any intention of moving. “Hello Mic my dear I hope you are doing well.” He chimed brightly, showing his famous gummy smile. “Um.. Yeah I..” Mic’s words quickly faded away, as the other two could only laugh. “She is doing just fine Oppa and she is happy that you asked.” Bren chuckled ushering her towards the door. “Well I guess we should let you two get back.. to well.. whatever it is you are doing.” Sol snickered, rushing out the door along with Mic and Bren. Leaving me once again alone with Yongguk. “Guys!” I tried to yell after them, but to no avail. Yongguk watched amused. “Still trying to escape I see.” He snicked bringing his face closer to mine once again. “It seems like you need to be reminded as to why I am #1.” He beamed, lightly pressing his lips onto mine. Everything after that point was a blur. I became drunk from bliss. The next thing I knew, we were laying in our bed gazing deeply into each other eyes. “From now on don’t let Daehyun get carried away.” He smiled, lightly kissing my hair that lay upon his hand. “I promise I will try.” I tried to play it off, but he quickly caught on to my plan. “I guess I need to remind you again.” He teased, tracing his hand along my exposed neck. “I missed you. Welcome home.” I beamed, closing the distance between us as our lips danced to our own secret song.

^_^ I hope you enjoyed it...

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So cute, glad your love is back!
Awwww that was cute 😆😆😆 I loved it!
Its great to have Yongguk back ❤