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Who: Reader x Jackson Wang
What: Smut

Story: N/a

Warning +18 readers

You pulled the giant white fluffy covers over your head and groaned. You were just between awake and asleep. You weren't sure if you were dreaming or if you were awake yet. You felt like something was crawling under the covers which had you pulling them closer to you and rolling over onto your stomach. You groaned into the pillow but you heard soft giggles. Someone was touching you. Kisses were drawn up your calves and a hand smoothed over your butt.

"Jai Er you've been away to dreams of you are too real." You said with a sleepy voice.

"You dreamt about me baby?" You heard his soft happy voice by your ear.

Your eyes were still closed, you turned to your side. You heard him chuckle again. A hand slipped around your side and lips came up to the back of your ear. A light moan slipped from your lips. Your eyebrows furrowed as you realized everything felt real. You were awake, right? You turned over and you saw him smile brightly. His lips were curved in a smile and his cheeks puffed up. You looked at him oddly, like you had no idea who he was but that wasn't it.

"Jai? Are you really here?" You asked.

"Of course baby, I came in last night while you were asleep."

He pecked your lips softly before he smiled.

"I'm not done sleeping go away." You said turning back around to sleep.

He laughed,

"Don't be like that jagiya I've been in China for two months I've missed mornings like this."

"No, go away." You said.

"Y/nnnnnnn-ah!" He drew out your name playfully.

"Go bug Mark." You said.

He kissed the nape of your neck. You shivered at his soft lips. You slept in shorts and a bra even when it was cold so right now you were perfectly exposed to him. He wrapped his arms around you more and snuggled up into you neck. He continued planting kisses and when his tongue licked the crook of your neck you moaned.

"Come on baby, it's been two months. I need a recharge."

"You seem to have enough energy to me."

"Why are you being so mean?"

He leaned over your body and gave you puppy dog eyes,

"I bought you something too but you have to be nice to me first. Come on jagi, I've missed you so much."

"Do what you want to me just don't wake me up." You mumbled.

Jackson pouted and rolled you over. You groaned and grabbed a pillow to block out the sunshine. He grabbed the trim of your shorts and pulled them down. Jackson clapped seeing your choice in panties.

"Jagi you wore them!"

He bought you a powder blue thong that was all lace. It felt soft and it was cute but you just happened to throw them on, you didn't choose them for his benefit. Although, he was getting a kick out of it now.

"Damn it, I'm awake now. Are you happy?" You said irritated but a small smile appeared on your lips.

"Very." He smiled.
He crawled up your body to kiss you, he gave you a soft peck and then another. When you didn't react how he wanted, he dipped his head down to kiss you slowly but longer and deeper. His hand cupped the side of your neck while his thumb traced your jawline. His tongue searched deep into your mouth claiming your tongue as its own playmate. You moaned into the kiss, the perfect reaction for him. His fingers started at your collarbone, while the kiss continued. He trailed his fingers down past your breast, down your stomach and pushed them past your thong to reach your clit. You broke the kiss to moan out into the roam, your hand met his strong forearm.
Your back arched off the bed. He kissed your neck lightly while he drew circles on your clit.

"God I missed you." You whispered turned on.

"I knew you did jagi. I have something special for you." He said.

He sat you up and pulled off your bra. His hands came to the wonderful mounds and played with them. His hands teased and squeezed lightly. He kissed up the sides of your breast. His tongue came to your nipple and drew small circles around it. You bit your lip and hummed.

"Jai." You breathed.

He came up to your lips and gave you a sweet kiss.

"I missed the way you say my name in the morning." He said.

"You're blonde again." You said combing his hair back.

He nodded,

"You like the blonde."

His finger pushed inside your core, making you moan out loud while he kissed your collarbone. He kissed down the valley between your breast and his tongue met your clit. You let out a mewl that sounded too good to him. His hummed on your clit while he sucked on the little nub you took a sharp breath and grabbed the pillows. Your feet planted themselves into the bed and you raised your hips off the bed. He pushed his tongue into your core making you moan louder. Your hips jerked up feeling his tongue wiggle against your walls. You whined pleas and his name while he built to your release. He pulled his tongue away and gave your clit one last kiss. Before he slipped off the bed to pull off his pants. His black tank was still on and you leaned up to grab it and pull him down to the bed. You straddled him quickly and kissed him, tasting a little of yourself on his tongue. His hands came to your hips while you kissed him. You crawled down his body and he chuckled watching you go for his heat. Your hand grabbed the swollen rod and you opened your mouth to lick him. Your tongue went to the bottom and then trailed all the way up to the tip. Your lips came around his tip to suck on it and you heard him groan. You bobbed your head up and down slowly, your tongue swirled around and then licked up and down his shaft. You heard him cuss while he threw his head back, his hand went into your hair and you continued to suck on him. You came up and gave him a long deep kiss, your hand brought his erection to your entrance.

"You really did miss me." He chuckled.

"You were on a long flight sunshine. Let me take care of you." You said.

He smiled at the offer and you moved down on him. He groaned and let his nails bite into your hips. You moved slow, up and down allowing his heat to run along your walls. It felt good and had you taking shallow breaths. You kissed his lips, then his jawline. You kissed his Adam's apple and his collarbone. Soft lips made contact with warm skin for a sensual feeling. The teasing of your tongue flicking his skin then coming off to allow cool air to meet the wet area sent light moans from his lips. You lightly bit down on his collarbone to get the most amazing moan to leave his lips.

"Jagi." He moaned.

His hands came lower to your butt and you came down on him a little faster. You lifted his shirt to kiss his nipple. You bit one and got him to moan again. He gave you beautiful sounds and you returned them with sensual moans. His hands couldn't rest in one place they moved around your body while yours rested on his chest. His hands came to your breast again and he leaned up letting you bounce on him while one hand went through your hair. He sucked on your breast pulling you closer to his body and then flipping you back onto your back. Your legs locked around his waist while he kept moving in you this time picking up speed of his own. His hand played in your hair while you gripped his to make the kiss deeper. He kissed you hard and passionately like he was going to eat you up. His arm was showing off his muscle from the way he held you but that just made you even more turned on. He was so sexy.

"Jackson, I'm gonna cum." You warned.

Your foot shook revealing how close you really were.

"Cum Y/n." He said.

He sat up and pushed your legs open so you were exposed to him. He watched how he rammed in and out of you; the action that seemed so smooth and felt so fucking wonderful. You licked your fingers and rubbed your clit trying to provide extra sensations to find your release.

"Jai Er!" You screamed as your body came up and jerked hard in a climax.

You shook screaming out,

"Oh my god!"

Jackson didn't stop moving despite your release, he was still searching for his own. You whined while he continued to pound into you. He pulled out of you and turned you around so you were on your knees. He pushed in you again, humping you from behind. His hand was on your waist and the other one wrapped around your body teasing your breast.

"You're beautiful Y/n." He said.

"Jackson." You whispered leaning your head back on his shoulder.

He brought his hand down to your hip, he brought it in close to play with your clit while his hips snapped violently into your body, making you scream even more. He pulled off his tank and tossed it to the side. You leaned over on all fours and he pulled you onto him hard and rough. It took Jackson longer to get off than it did you and usually because he never stopped pounding into you, you'd meet a second orgasm by the time he got his first. He was still rocking into that perfect spot for you to be drowning in your high, your body was screaming, your heat was tightening around him. He was groaning and breathing heavily and you loved every sound he made. He came and kissed the back of your neck and you moaned into the pillow.

"Please cum Jai Er. I can't take any more." You begged.

He slammed into you one last time, making you scream and shiver but you felt hot ribbons lace inside you making you weak. He continued moving in you slowly until he was absolutely done and then pulled out and rolled over onto the bed exhausted.

"Wow Jagi! I love morning sex with you." He beamed.

"You didn't let me do much." You mumbled.

Your eyes were closed and your head rested on the soft tower of pillows. You were worn out now.

"You did everything I liked. You let me have you." He smiled.

He kissed your nose and your eyes cracked open.

"Do you know what day it is Jagi?"


"Not just any Tuesday Y/n. It's White day!" He said loud and happy.

"Where do you get all this energy from Prince Jai?"

"From you and sometimes Mark, anyway look inside your pillow. Your gift is in there." He said.

You sat up to look at him suspiciously. The big smile he wore made you smile back and you obliged him. You took the pillow you were laying on and unzipped the side. Something small and silver tumbled out of it. You looked down and picked it up.

"Oh my god Jackson what is this?" You said.

You picked up the small silver ring and held it before you.

"That is the same promise ring you cried about losing for a whole week. I went and bought another one and even got the same engraving." He said.

To my one and only daughter, I love you.

It was a promise ring your father gave you back when he went into military service. He gave you the ring when you were a little girl as a promise he'd come back to you. Unfortunately, he was in an accident on his way back home that made him lose his memory of you and his mother. You cried for months trying to get him to remember you but he wouldn't or couldn't. He was a bit cruel to you for a few months but it was because he was trying to spare you the pain he was causing you. A father that couldn't remember his own daughter was too harsh of a reality. He passed away only last year. He never actually remembered you but your mother and him got back together. The ring was too small to fit your finger so you put it on a necklace but two months ago at their concert the necklace snapped off and you couldn't find the ring.

"I know it's not the same as your father giving it to you but I hoped that one would make you feel a little better and it even fits your finger so you can't lose it." He said with a soft smile.

He took the ring from your hand and slipped it onto your finger. You had silent tears forming and falling. You hugged him.

"How are you a real person? I don't deserve you." You said.

"Jagi I don't deserve you but I'm happy I have you. You're my everything! I love you." He said.

You pulled back to wipe tears from your face.

"I love you too."

"Happy White day jagiya."

Jackson wrapped his arms around you and kissed you. He pulled a pillow down to place under you and he laid you on top of it.

"Ready for another round?" He grinned.

You laughed and nodded your head and he moved down your body to position himself back between your legs. He stuck out his tongue with a huge grin ready to begin...
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