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Refresh this page to read the updated LIVE recap! ===================== Episode 5 We’re back at KT’s house, with him finding ES at his kitchen. ES remarks, “what’s up with that guy” and then leaves the kitchen through back door. KT returns to his room, seemingly stunned expression showing on his face. We now see ES running to school with KT looking at her outside of the window. Afterwards, he goes to ES and her mom's room. He sees that it's very small and cramped, and leaves. KT runs into his mother back in the kitchen. He wonders where KW went off to, mother says "business trip". And says something mean about him, but KT says, " I like my brother". KT goes to meet with his step mother to be enrolled in her private school ( I think it's her school?). She remarks, "you have grown, kicking out your brother as soon as you return." We return to KW and he is with a girl, talking about wishes. He gives her a expensive looking necklace. She hesistates (I'm not sure what the relationship between these two are.. :[ ) but KW puts it on her. KW is informed that his brother came to visit him. He is angry, does not want to see him, but is told that his father asked KT to go meet KW. We see KT waiting anxiously at a lobby couch, but KW never comes. KT goes back home, his mother is with him. KT asks about ES and his mother. Mother suddenly yells "Eunsang" to have her grab a bottle of wine, but when she shows up KT is gone. As ES goes through KT's front yard, lights and fountains are suddenly all turned around her. She looks around a bit, but goes back into the house, with KT looking on from the back. We are back at KW's hotel, where Secretary was drining his sorrows away at the thought of his ex-wife. Suddenly, KW comes and sit next to him and drinks with him. All of sudden, Secretary's Ex wife and his new husband, YD's father appears. YD's father and KW knows each other, but neither know about Chunyang & his ex. So JD's father offer to have a drink with all of them together. KW and YD's father talk about business, so CY's father and his ex excuse themselves. His ex goes up to CYs father...and... they suddenly kiss! (what the heck? lolll) We are at ES' school. She is daydreaming about her adventure at California with KT. Outside the school, all the girls suddenly rush up to the school front gate. There, KT is standing infront of his car. ES' eye widens. KT says, "You there, can you come over?" to ES. KT says, "I cam to this school because I know a person at this school. That person's infront of me." ES "why are you here" KT " I want to know about CY, I'm so curious I can't get it out of my head (hahahahahaha the commercial was trolling us about KT trolling ES). ES says something witty and then leaves. KT calls ES while shes working at her part time cafe. KT tells her to check her fakebook, he posted a picture of himself, which says, "Kim Tan is so handsome." Turns out he is at her cafe. They make some exchanges (KT calling CY, and few flirting words.. I couldn't hear properly xD), resulting in KT giving ES his phone number. ES promises to buy her food for his help at California and goes back to work. Back home, we see KT & KW's father talking with his private investigator who has been stalking the two of them. photographing KW with his girl interest, and KT with ES. Father scoffs. Back in ES and her mom's room, ES' mother finds out that ES did not apply for any school, and tears up. Myungsoo suddenly runs into KT infront KT's house. They talk briefly, with MS leaving suddenly. Suddenly, ES appears out of KT's home, ES (still not knowing that KT is the owner of the home) drags KT out, saying that it's dangerous with all the surveillance. ES asks if he lives around here, with KT saying, "you'll be surprised if you know where I live." But ES says she doesn't want to know. Bona learns from MS that KT is back. Bona is suspicious that Rachel is trying to pull off something on her. Rachel, discovering that she also did not know, gets frustrated. Rachel also runs into YD, with him asking if KT is back. Rachel suddenly gets a call from KT, who asks if she had called, tells her he's in Korea and just hangs up. Rachel lies to YD, saying that she will meet KT. YD calls the bluff, but says if she does meet KT, he wants her to tell KT, "How's your mother?". We are back at KT's home. ES' mother is with KT's father. A little comedy scene with ES and KT's mother unfolds, with KT's father learning that ES is at least top 5 in her class. Ponders that she deserves to goto a premium school. ES learns from school that she is getting transferred to the Empire High School, the top high school in Korea. Back at home ES, protests about ES' mother's decision to send her to the Empire High, saying that they cannot afford it. However, KT's father talks to ES, saying that her expenses will be covered and greater opportunities will be available. Back at YD's home, he learns that he has to have dinner with Rachel and parents. Rachel's mother gives YD a gift, dog leash. However, YD goes on about how much of a player his father was. Suddenly, YD's father comes late. Rachel and YD immediately excuse themselves, leaving the akward situation for the two parents that do not have a very good relationship track record. ES comes out of the uniform fitting place. Rachel is suspecting ES and KT are in relationship, starts screaming at her with accusation. Suddenly, ES takes Rachel's nametag, telling Rachel because all of her personal information is taken away in the airplane, she will take Rachel's name. YD lets her pass, telling Rachel, "You have lost, go get your uniform fit. Seems like I suddenly have an appointment." YD follows ES, telling her that her ability to piss off Rachel is a skillful thing, suggest they should be friendly. Tells ES that he'll call her sometime. At KT's home, KT is looking through his belongings, but suddenly ES comes down the cellar, talking on the phone. He hides away, eaves dropping on her. ES walks through the front yard, remarking "how come there's light and water around this place." KT calls ES, "Look at second floor." When she looks up, there's a dreamcatcher at the window. He then tells her "turn around". And there they are. They finally meet at KT's home! ES asks continuous questions, while tearing up, asking "are you the second son of this house? did you know that I have been living here all this time?" KT says "yes" to all. As ES goes back to home, KT asks, "Did you miss me?" ES just walks into the house. KT is in his room, with his mother bringing uniform to him. Mother reveals to him that ES will be transferring to the Empire High School. KT, " Choi Eun Sang, is coming to Empire High School?!?" ES appears at the school, only one without uniform on, mesmerized by the environment. MS, Bona, Rachel all run into ES. None of them could quite believe that ES is newly enrolled in the school Before they "properly" introduce, they all run to the front, saying "He is here!" Outside, we see students surrounding KT, greeting everyone. Hyoshin remarks, "Lucifer shows up at the school of devils, interesting". YD suddenly appears infront of KT. KT says, "I missed you, friend." JD, "I'm thrilled". Suddenly, ES, without noticing her surrounding, walks inbetween them, while texting CY. She gets in center of the two. With the two of them looking right at ES, the episode ends!
Thanks @leegloria22 for the recap, got to read it this morning! And LOL @2Nell I fell asleep because it was midnight where I am when the recap started but LMH in my dreams HAHA ;D
Thank you for the good recap of episode 5...going to watch tonight :)
@leegloria22 soo-go-hae-suh-yo hehe goodnight!
Well that was another blast of an episode~ I'm going off to bed! I'll see you guys at tomorrow episode's recap on http://www.vingle.net/posts/201534 Comment away! :)
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