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Hey guys it's Axos again, bringing you another game. This week I suggest you pull out your guns and test your fighting skills because we are doing some espionage with our boys. We have very important missions and our boys are gonna help you achieve them. Alrighty lest start the game. -------------GAME------------
Agent 002 according to your mission report you have been in.... ITALY
For the past week and a half with agents 003, 004 and 005. The mission was to
Agent 003 was your tech guy.
He provided you with your lipstick.
Agents 004 and 005 handled the transportation and provided assistenice to agent 003. (screenshot 2)
During your mission you got to visit a closed resort and set up your stations while mingling with other guests. For the first important dinner that was held you finally met the host
At the same time his right hand lady
Looped her arm under 004's and lead him to the dance floor. During thus time 003 and 005 were in the background setting things in place and getting their equipment set up bugging the place. The next day 004 was invited to a game of
Which gave you more time to snoop around and gather the Intel you needed with 005. Finally it was go time. The next dinner was set for in the large courtyard of the resort. You met 004 in the large entrance to the courtyard in this
After an hour of 004 and the hosts lovely escort mingling. You found yourself being asked to dance by
As you danced you heard a radio frequency in your earpiece mention a change of plans for moving the 'Item'. You had to keep the host distracted while 004 moved to get 003 and 005 in place. After you kept the host distracted in any way you could you saw 004 walk back into the court yard. You took that chance and excused yourself from the party. On your way upstairs to the room your team set up you overheard a conversation between the hosts escort and a security guard. You decided to follow the escort as she moved to a secret passage in the library. As you followed you pulled out your lipstick and decided to use it but instead this is what you pulled out of your dress.
It was a trap. You were about to abort and turn around to leave when you got hit in the back of the head. When you awoke this person was standing over you.
As you struggled to get over your grogginess this person informed you that the plan changed and that you were now their prisoner. They laughed and mocked you as your mind pieced together where it all went wrong. You got hit a few times and they decided to get information out of you. When they realized you wouldn't give up info then they found you useless. Because of this you were going to die painfully. Before they could take your life the cavalry came lead by
This agent was not about to let you die so they brought helicopters, tanks and more reinforcements to aid you. You were saved and at the same time got the chance to shoot a few people and fight off your kidnapper. Also you were able to complete the mission. Well 002 I would say that this is a mission complete. Now get out of here and take a vacation. You deserve it.
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i cant wait to play once home
Oh wow,, jaja I like this xD
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