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Ajoo (born July 6th 1990): Super handsome, charming, has a good voice, and got started way back in 2008. So...what happened to him?

1. His debut didn't go as well as expected. It was called "First Kiss." I personally thought it was a great song for it's time! Maybe not to the 2017 ear, but in 2008 it was a great song I thought :/
2. He came back with "Paparazzi" and tried a different, less innocent image. He collaborated with Younha to try to get more hype.
3. Tried again with the edgier image in "Wealthy 2nd Generation" and it got banned from KBS. The public was pretty pissed because, according to Wikipedia, his song was banned for talking about rich lifestyles which wasn't a good message for young kids...but that's exactly what all of KBS' dramas talk about so it was super hypocritical.

And that's it. Never heard from him again.

I hope whatever he is doing he is happy, it's just always sad to see idols never quite make it.

He had the talent, but just wasn't in the right place at the right time :(

Its a tough industry to break in and stay in. So those who have are very lucky.
He looks so handsome too
I was actually just thinking about this kind of thing the other day...and this was one of the people I was thinking about. Great minds @kpopankimchi, great minds. It is really sad how often this seems to happen. I may not have heard these songs right when they came out, I was a couple years late, but I still really enjoy them, would love to see another song from this guy
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fingers crossed he will surprise us at some point, I would be so happy
I apparently found his insta it's azoooo
He did a small cameo in 감동이
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