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Click Refresh to read the constantly updated LIVE RECAP ======================= We are back at the school, with ES suddenly getting in between KT and YD. YD whistle, sayings "what's this, a gift for me?" KT, " Why are you here without your uniform on.?" CY gets in, telling her to follow. ES and CY leaves. Rachel demands to speak with KT, and they walk away. Rachel questions KT about whether he knew & had the will to keep ES from transferring to the school. KT remarks he has no choice in any life decision, including his engagement with Rachel. CY explains to ES that there are four "class" of kids enrolled at the school (like 3 levels of socialites and 1 "lower class") . ES is surprised to learn that CY is part of the lower class, although he is quite decently off contrast to ES at least. Back in a classroom, ES introduce herself infront of her class, but a student asks under what condition/rights ES was able to transfer to the school (questioning her background). KT interrupts, to save ES' face, and says he has to introduce himself. KT enters the broadcast club room, greets Hyoshin. Bona runs into the room, leaves abruptly after KT asks "where's CY?" Bona says "I don't Know!". Bona and Myungsoo are together infront of the locker, greets ES. MS asks ES what her origin is. KT interrupts, seemingly saving her from "embarassment" over her different in stature and class, but she walks away. As ES walks through the campus, YD trips her, tells her "If I didn't trip you, I couldn't have held your hand". Continuing on, YD says, "Whats your relationship with KT? We didn't properly introduce, starting today, you are mine." KT suddenly appears, saying "If you have questions about me, then ask me directly." ES walks away. YD "I was trying to make new friend, and you interrupt" KT "Are you in shortage of friends all of sudden?" KT and ES are together, ES tells KT "Please pretend you don't know me. I need the diploma from this school, but it's already so difficult on this day. All the people giving me the looks, YD talking to me, it's all related to me. Just leave me alone." Then walks away. KT calls someone, and ask where that person is. Turns out that person was CY. They finally meet. KT question CY about him being too close to ES as a "friend". Bona walks in, sees KT, pretends shes on phone, and leaves. (hahahahahahahah I'm loving Krystal's role as Bona more and more) ES begs her mother that they should leave the home. ES obviously feels that her "room" is more like a prison. Mother opposes, saying considering the difficult situation they are in, they should be grateful for the opportunity granted to them by KT's family. kt is at the wine cellar. We can see ES coming down, still wiping her tears. At the cellar, she turns on her laptop.. turning on music. KT is again hiding behind. KT texts ES "Can I see you"? ES "Where are you?" KT suddenly appears "Here" ES: "KYA!" (hahahahahahaha I love it when LMH does this) KT basically asks her to have lunch with him tomorrow. An offer she rejects. As ES sits down at cafeteria, the bullied kid from the first episode warns ES to never reveal her true identity. Suddenly, the bullies and YD sits him down and KT appears to take ES away. KT was telling ES to have lunch with him to avoid the bullies and higher class. YD suddenly sits down at KT and ES table. Harrassing KT and ES, saying "Just look at her attitude, why wouldn't I be interested with this kind of person?" In the band room, KT is resting with MS. Suddenly YD and his goon orders all students to leave, saying they need to talk. KT: "Why did you make them leave" YD "I need to tell you something you need to know. I need to give you a warning. Either you leave this school, or I do." ES bring delivery to the motorcycle place that YD is at. YD noticed this. ES prank calls her back to the bikeshop. YD "I need to pay money to get phone number? You are saving my number right? If you don't I'll ask why you are doing pitiful part time work. Back at home, KT and his father talk. KT "One son leaves, another leaves" Father "I like both of them... but we should get the one that left back". At KW's hotel room, he is with his girl. Lying sick on bed, being fed porridge by her. KW suddenly gets phone call, tells her that he has to leave. The girl abruptly leaves. KT and his father arrives infront of KW's hotel. Father basically state that as long as KT is his son, there's no way of avoiding his destiny with the company. KT's father summons all the company executive to a meeting room. KW also enters the room. Father introduces KT as his second son. Father suddenly dismisses all the executives. KT's father suddenly says KT and KW should take leave as well, and steps out. KT and KW are alone in the office. KT "I didn't intent to come, I didn't know it was company" KW "Do you ever intent to do anything? Do you understand what you have done?" At home, while having lunch with KT, his mother is very excited by the fact that KT is finally being involved with the company, throwing multitude questions to a point KT is annoyed by it and leaves. At front yard, ES is drying bed sheets. KT notices her behind the white sheets. ES "Weather is amazing... earning money in the morning, housework in the afternoon" and proceeds to sleep. KT sits next to her. *** Second picture scene****** KT then puts bandaid on ES's injured hand. Sometime later, ES wakes up, with the dreamcatcher infront of her. At some fancy hotel, Rachel's mother is reminded of the kiss with his ex. She runs into her ex there. The two basically discuss why they didn't talk to each other. ES inquires her head teacher about scholarship. Teacher is skeptical about her ability to compete against her fellow classmates. scolds her for still not wearing her uniform. At hallway, ES sees recruiting post about broadcast club, needing the scholarship she meets the club head, Hyoshin accepts her into the club. Infront of the locker, YD is bullying the usual bullied kid again. The kid fights back, inflict wound on YD. YD easily beat the kid. Walks over to ES, says "Why did you restrain yourself, everything going to be interesting from this time forward.". After everyone around leaves, ES tries to help the bullied kid by giving her water bottle. KT throws it away, warning ES to not help out the lower class kids. Rachel calls ES, demands her to return the name tag. Rachel knows that ES is of the lower class, and warns her not to get close with KT, as it lowers his value. ES says, "I hope so too". Rachel throws 100,000 won and leaves. ES is again at a convenient store, sleeping infront of YD. YD tries to wake her up, but was interrupted by a call from KT. ES pretends to be sleep through the ordeal. Episode End!
@wodergirl, thnx for the info. I will try it, when, don't know yet.
@dramacrazy Try watching the episodes at dramanet.com
@leegloria22, I guess I'll start watching it once my daughter finishes with volleyball season. It has been a crazy school year.
@2Nell hahahah 40 something hours by now!
@dramacrazy I hope you find a way to watch it! this has been an awesome fun series so far!!
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