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Refresh this page to receive live update of the recap! =============================== Infront of the convenience store, YD wakes ES up (who pretends she sleeping, groaning at her misfortune) YD picks up KT's phone call. Realizes KT is across the street. (Cue YD rocker theme music) YD wakes ES up. ES: "Why are you so loud? to YD. He points to KT, ES eye widens KT and YD basically talk about why the other is there. KT cooly says he's not here for ES and walk away. ES leaves soon after, leaving YD slightly irritated look. KT sudden appears, “Why are you sleeping at a place like that?” “Why did you meet YD, how many times did I warn you about him? ES: It was coincidence, and I think he offered to protect me. Whats your problem with him? KT: Long story, but we hate each other now At home, ES run into KT and his mother. KT pretends they met for the first time. ES pretends never know her. After KT leaves, KT's mother tell ES to spy on her. ES' mother makes her school uniform. Rachel is told that she is taking family pic with YD and his father. Very angry. Rachel meets with YD, talk about family pic. YD says "Can you get me anything I want?" (i think for family pic). In the morning, KT waits by the front door. ES was trying to sneak by. ES was dragged into taxi by him (very funny lolll). ES's reason for going to school early was to avoid running into elitist kids that would basically show how much of different world they are in. KT tricks ES into looking away and lies on her shoulder. At school, KT takes off ES' hair pin. Telling her she looks prettier with her hair down. They are abruptly interrupted by Hyoshin, who seem to have been doing something all night. ( I missed the entire dialogue) KT's mother is again gossping about something not very good with her friend... gets caught by ES' mother again... KT's mother try to see if ES' mother is really mute. Fail badly lol. HS is interviewing ES, who is about to reject her. Bona suddenly appears, says ES should be rejected because she is CY's best friend. Then someone tried to apply... but then somehow ES got accepted? (That part confused me). ES bumps into KT, who pretends he doesnt know her. In distance, YD looks on. CY asks Bona about her past relationship with KT. CY and KT talks to each other about ES. KT asks CY if he had any feeling for her. CY says he did, when they were 9 years old and she was able to protect him. KW comes home, KT's mother surprised by his appearance. KW tells father that he will live outside for a while. KT enters KW's room. Asks, "hyung, are you finally back home?" KW basically tells him "How long are you going to keep following me?" and overall just telling him to grow up. KT visibly upset. KW is at wine cellar. KT finds him. Says sorry for just about everything (the return from US, heading to KW's hotel, etc.) KT: "I understand you" KW: "You think you understand? Blah blah blah??" KT suddenly hugs his brother. KW: "Whoever you are like... you are loud" KT is sitting at his front yard. ES: formally greets him, saying KT's mother might appear KT orders ES to come to wine cellar, and that it is an order. KT turns on music, ES returns dreamcatcher to him. ES: "Im sitting down because I like this song" ES: "How is it like to be a son of a rich family" KT: "You don't have a sense of identity." ES then leaves without answering KT's question. KT, while holding up dreamcatcher, "Not even a single verse". ES is reminded of KT saying, "Do i like you?" at the states and on the evening they first met back in Korea. YD kept every student outside of the class. YD takes ES and Bona's belongings, takes out everything. YD: "You are not nouveau rich are you?" CY comes in time, to simmer the situation. YD remarks, "You have alot of knight in this school for a transfer student" In the hallway, the bullied kid receives a lawsuit form from YD for punching him other day. YD tells him to kneel if he wants forgiveness. The kid kneels. KT sees this, goes up to the bullied kid. KT: "Stand up". Bullied: "You are the same as YD" KT: "Sorry, but I'll make it up" and PUNCHES YD (xDDDDDD) Before the two really get fired up, they are interrupted by a teacher. KT and YD are brought to the principal's office. KT's step mom = the principal. After KT was scolded (YD defending KT basically), the two makes a exchange. YD: "You should punch again, I won't hold back" KT: "I think there will be plenty of chances in the future" and the two leave. Flash back:, it is revealed that KT is born out of wedlock, and YD is disgusted by him. Outside the school, Bona confronts Rachel about... the usual girl fight over KT and CY xD. After the catfight (with words), Rachel picked up by her mom. Greets KT. Rachel tells her mother that YD was punched by KT. Rachel's mother calls her ex (while couldnt find YD's father I think?), who hang up on her (to do briefing for KT's father). YD calls ES, telling her to have jajamyun with him at his place. If she goes there with the bullied kid, then YD would cancel the lawsuit. AT YD's place ES: "Why are you screwing around? You are not even going to cancel the lawsuit" YD: "I will, because you are here. What don't you like about me?" ES: "Everything". Door suddenly rings. Rachel: "Why didn't you call?" YD : "I have a customer" sees ES Rachel scolds YD and tells ES "you are so 까지까지 (whats that? lol) YD: "Where are you going, part time?" Rachel calls KT to tell him that ES is with YD in his suit room having meal. KT immediately phones. visibly upset/worried. KT's house: ES mother receive message for Parent-Teacher conference meeting. KT runs out. Sees ES at her cafe, doing her shift. KT drags ES out of the cafe. KT: Why didn't you pick up. ES: I was working KT: Why did you goto YD's place. ES: I even lived at your place KT That's the problem. You don't trust me. Why did you go? ES: If I go, YD promised to cancel lawsuit. KT: Do you really believe him? Can't you just not make a scene out of this? ES: I'm facing all this because of you. I don't know how I will overcome, but I will somehow graduate from this school! KT: You want to know how? Like me. Just the way i Like you. (Episode Ends!)
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