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Click refresh to read the updated LIVE Recap! ================================= We are back infront of ES' cafe, with KT irritated and angry at ES for doing YD's bidding. KT: Start liking me now. Just as I like you. KT and ES give each other a long stare. KT: SO from this point onward, don't act like you can be easily victimized. ES: I'm going pretend I didn't hear that. See you. KT: Answer me and then go. phone suddenly rings from KT's mother. KT takes the phone away KT: I'm having important conversation with her, i'll call back later. ES: Return my phone! I need to pick up that phone, my life is complicated as it is, why are you complicating this?! KT suddenly hugs ES. ES cries. Back at KT's home. KT tells his mother that he got into a fight with YD. but doesn't give detail. KT's mother calls ES for detail on the fight and question why she was with KT. She remains mute. KT is scolded by his father. Father tells KT that his mother is the headmaster of the school. KT balks back, saying he is son born out of weddlock. At livingroom, KT and ES run into each other. KT asks why she came out of mother's room. ES tells him to try ignore her at home. KT goes on, "Do you know how happy I am to see you at my home?" ES goes back to her room. The two thinks about each other. KT sends a text message, "it's like sleeping together (living together?) Good night" Early next morning at school, KT tells ES to sit next to him. KT: That's all you are eating? ES: You didn't expect me this morning? KT: Listen to your teachers and let's hang out at break~ KW is at a meeting at hotel. Business talk... KW scolding his executives for being incompetent, pretty much. Aimed at his secretary. KT's mother wakes up with headache. ES' mother gives her morning care. KT's mother basically writes, "you Dumb idiot shouldn't have drunk so much" but realizes her temper got the best of her. and tries to erases the note. The two got into a pillow fight over the note. the pillow is ripped apart, and KT's mother is disappointed that the pillow is made out of chicken feather, not duck feather (This part is very difficult to convey but it was absolutely hilarious xDDDDDDD) Outside of the school broadcast room, KT ran into ES. He tries to get her to hang out, but then Bona comes out of the room, before she goes back in, CY catches her. ES suddenly goes up to CY with excuse to walk away. Bona is irritated. Bona goes up to KT: "I am happy with CY, leave me alone!" KT: "You were happy when we were together too" lolll While talking with CY, ES learns that the bullied kid is transferring school ES goes to say bye to him, but was too late. Run into other kids, who remark, "Can't we just kick out all the low class?" YD calls and surprises ES by her locker. Checks to see if she saved his name. Tells her that the results for the club she applied to has shown. When ES goes to see the board, behind the result posting, she finds the note that she left at KT's school that says, "This summer was like a dream". ES brings the note to KT. KT: You never called me, but you bring this note? ES: Why did you want me to call you? KT: To tell you I miss you. To tell you to not leave. Rachel looks from afar ES: I have to head to class Hyoshin appears behind Rachel. Should I beat him up? I should be the one to do so. KT: I need to talk to you. KT: I like ES Rachel: What do you want me to do? To get my permission? To tell me to forget about you? KT: I dont need your permission Rachel: Why did you become like this again? And why someone like her? Don't you care about the fact that she doesn't bellong with people like us? KT: We were friends before this Rachel: You are mistaken. Also mistaken that I wouldn't be hurt. KT's father talks about his secretary. When asked why Kt's father sent ES to KT's school, he says, "She should learn not to get along with KT. That's why I sent her there". Hyoshin's tutor, Yesul (KW's love interest) are together. HS flirts with her... quite alot..... lol. YD's father: what do you want YD: I dont want to take that family portrait. If I beat you in Judo, then please cancel the arrangement. YD Father: very well, let's see what you can do. YD's father wins. "You still don't know how to win" YD: You were cheating YD's father: You didn't set rule. Don't be late on sunday. At the cafe, YD appears. ES: How did you find your way here. YD: Why i found most surprising is that you became a lower class because you were doing so many part time. ES what do you want YD: nothing, I was just lonely. I cancelled the lawsuit. KT appears. YD: This is cheating. KT: Why are you here YD: I came to confirm what I thought. ES goes back to work. YD: Are you guys dating? KT: Do we get along? YD: Why ask such question? KT: We do, right? Don't ever touch ES. After the two leaves the cafe (ES went home already), YD's motorcycle has been towed. KT mocks him as they leave. KW is waiting by YS' home. Finds that the secretary dropped her. The Secretary leaves, YS explains that she's tutoring his kid. KW asks her to let him sleep over. A spy takes a picture of the two in the dark. ES suddenly come out of KT's room. KT's mom looks for ES. KT and ES suddenly run into storage room. They get awefully close to kissing before KT says "Mom left". ES kicks KT and leaves. ES is at wine cellar, doing homework next to KT KT asks what ES and YD were talking about. ES remarks that YD really looks like a lonely guy. KT face suddenly gets serious, "He's not there to toy me around, he went there because he really wanted to see you" YD is with Myungsoo. YD is daydreaming about all the encounter he had with ES. MS: what are you thinking about. YD: CES MS: The low class? why? YD: Yeah.. why am I thinking about lower class..? Turn on some better music. YD and Rachel appears at the photo studio. Just as everyone's about to take picture, a woman appears, says "Oppa! why are you here??" YD "Hello ajuma~ Its so nice to see you again" The lady "I was promised to meet with oppa ^^^" Rachel's mother cancel the photo shoot. YD tells father "Someon taught me to win at any cost" Rachel and YD talk, Rachel complimenting for looking awesomely cool. Tells Rachel she wants something from ES. Rachel tells YD that KT likes ES. KT is with ES. (I didn't catch what the conversation was about ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ), ending conversation comically, with KT demanding money from ES. At the cafeteria, YD sits ES infront of him. students whisper "after that kid left, ES is YD's new target" ES: Whats the meaning of sitting me at this seat? YD What's wrong? nothing at all. ES: I have nothing to do with KT YD: So do I KT appears Asks what're they doing. (Sees ES visibly upset) KT: Stand up. I said STand up! YD throws the chopstick away: What's up with your table manners? KT takes ES away, but trips ES. YD: You took my car away didn't you? ES: Please take me out of here. And the ffight didn't escalate. Rachel looks on. Rachel gives YD the document that she stole from ES. ES and KT is at the rooftop. KT sees what's wrong with her. YD calls ES. ES tries to pick up, saying there's no point in avoiding him. KT kisses ES. Episode ENDS
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