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The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live Recap - Korean Drama 2013

Click refreshing this page to read updated LIVE recap! ------------------------------------ Eunsang appears before KT and YD. YD: Jackpot. KT: I promised to go watch concert with her. Sorry Eunsang, it seems like I can't go with you today. YD: Hold on there KT: Go away. Go straight Eunsang goes away. YD: What are you guys doing? In this house full of secrets. What are you, siblings? KT: No, we are dating. I have better stuff to do. YD: What can you possibly be busy for. KT: To give you a payback. KT appears before YD's father. KT: I came here to give apology. Rushes from behind YD: What are you doing. YD's father: let him speak. KT: I got into scuffle with your son. I punched him first. I am sincerely sorry for this. YD's father: It's possible between the friends. KT leaves. YD's father slaps YD, saying he should have won the fight. YD goes onto the closet, finds father's mistress. Leaves. Situation obviously tense between the two. KT and YD gets in the elevator. KT: Leave family out of this YD: Then there's only ES left. KT: If you lay a hand on her. YD: I dare you to get in my way. Leaves the elevator. Rachel's mother notices YD father's mistress walking out of the hotel. Rachel's mother calls her ex. The two talk whether they still have feelings for each other, before being interrupted by YD's father. The two exchange brief argument, accusing each other of cheating, before Rachel's mother saying "maybe I should have met in the office". KT comes home. KT's mother nags him about telling YD the whole truth. KT: "What have we done wrong?" KT mother: You haven't but I have. KT: I'm sorry. KT's mother: What are you sorry for, Ajuma, give him meal. KT brings ES to the wine cellar. Says that he told YD that KT and ES are dating. KT: Lets date ES: You are insane. KT: (blah blah blah) ES: Fine. Let Date. But after all this is over, you and I are done. KT: Are you questioning the sincerity of my feelings? ES: Do you think we could ever possibly be together? Do we even match? KT: Fine, we are not a match. You've damaged my self esteem. Just dream the dream you always desired. (The exchange was confusing here). Next morning, KT's driver asks whether ES should be picked up. KT says: "Should she be in a same car as I am? Just ignore her" Next day, ES is approached by students that thinks KT's mother is ES' mother. They ask to hang out, become friendlier and go study together. ES rejects. In classroom, YD asks Rachel how the engagement is going before KT shush them up. Teacher drags YD and KT outside to clean up window. ES and CY are sitting next to eachother. CY: what happened to the parent conference meeting ES: Someone I know went instead CY: Theres more and more secret from you. Did you get in fight with KT? ES: I'm walking away. ES has flashback of the rooftop kiss. Sees KT while at the rooftop, and walks back inside. ES is napping in library, YD wakes her up. YD: How was the concert? ES: I couldnt go because of you, remember? YD: Who was the woman that went to the conference? A girl working in multiple part time, but her mother appears with complete brand outfit? ES: You have no idea, mind your own business. YD: Whoa, what is up with her? The class is taking exam. YD marks "A" on every question. Exam results come out. YD is 97th place. KT is last place at 100th. In class, it's announced that there is a camping trip. KT seems to not be attending. Rachel texts KT to talk with her. Rachel basically reminds KT that regardless of who he likes now, their engagement is fated for the sake of KT's family and company. Also ponders why KT and ES are avoiding each other, threatens to harrass ES at the camp. KT says "I'm trying to see what the best way of avoiding you would be". and Leaves. Hyoshin appears behind Rachel, "You shouldn't be wasting on someone like him" . KW's secretary runs into rival businessman who is undermining the Empire company (somehow). Warns KW about it, saying that he needs to stay behind to take care of business. KW therefore is unable to meet with his girl interest, who was waiting for him. Instead, Hyoshin appears, says something flirty, kisses her on the forehead and then leaves. KT and Rachel are with KT's stepmother and Rachel's mother at a meal. Rachel says, "I want to cancel engagement" The two parents are shocked. Dismisses them both. KT is summoned by his father. Questions KT why the talk of canceling engagement is coming about. Tells KT that his future's foundation & insurance depends on him. KT says he needs no such welfare, and leaves. KT's mother summons ES, asks what she knows. KT appears, "how long are you using ES as your spy?" KT mother "Go and be nice to Rachel at the camp" KT "i'm not going to the camp". and leaves. KT leaves to goto his room. ES stops by the stair, as she is forbidden from going upstairs. But decides to walk up. She is hesitant from knocking on the door. Before KT gets frustrated and opens the door himself. KT "If you have something to say, then say it" ES mumbles nonsense KT's mother is heard calling out to KT. KT gets ES inside the room and shoos mother away. After KT's mother leaves. ES: You should goto the camp. KT: If both me and YD goes, one of us will not come back alive. ES: blah blah KT Hugs ES from the back. ES: Do anything I say to you have any meaning? Next day, Bona texts CY, saying they will dress in certain way as a couple. The whole class is at the camp, everyone in all smile. Everyone is setting up tent. YD helps ES out. One of the classmate points out that he saw ES stepping out of KT's home sometime ago in the wee hours of the morning. YD looks on, giving that (You will talk to me) look xD. Back at school, KT and Hyoshin, the only students that did not goto the camp. They talk about stuff... ( i didn't catch it.. sorry T_T) The class plays paintball. CY and Bona have gun pointed at each other. Before Yesul shoots at Bona, which CY saves her. They do dramatic scene before Yesul just shoots at Bona, "so childish..." YD finds ES. Starts asking her about why she came out of KT's home in the morning. ES shoots at YD. At dinner, YD gets ES to do the dishes. YD promises to help her with the dishes, but he just sits there. CY comes to help with the dishes, Bona also comes along. YD learns that the two of them already knew ES was of social assistance class. Before he tells Myungsoo, ES asks to talk with YD in person. YD: So I have to do mean things to get your attention? ES: I'm just going to tell you that I'm not afraid of you. Harass me all you want. YD just stands there, seems to be tearing up almost? ES is calling KT, runs into Rachel as well. Rachel finds out that ES was calling KT. Rachel slaps ES. ES says she accepts it, asks for the phone to be returned. Rachel is about to slap her again before YD stops her, says "She is mine. Only mine to annoy." and drags her away. ES: This is much more like you. YD You haven't even seen half of what I am. YD sees KT with his phone few meters away. YD: And I will show you. YD Hugs ES, ending the episode with KT and YD giving each other long glare. ====EPISODE END======
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Tmrw will be épisode 11, is there any preview sis
@2 Nell, thanks for mentioning my name. I always read your recap every time u got a chance. Thanks for sharing. Be well😀
@annbhoi hahaha I love the cast too! Loving how fitting Woobin is for his role ><
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10 Times your favorite stars looked exactly like anime characters
For me and most other Korean addicts that I know, there was a time when I fangirled over anime characters way more than I did any real human being, until I realized that real-life anime characters were in K-pop and K-drama all along. In honor of this amazing relation in fandoms, this article presents ten times some of our favorite idols looked exactly like classic anime characters. (**This is an article posted on the Dramafever FB page. It was too good to pass up so I had to add it here.**) 1.) Lee Min Ki and L from Death Note Every time I see Lee Min Ki, I can't help but be reminded of L, even when he's playing quirky characters like Byun Hee (Shut Up Flower Boy Band). They both have this sort of dark, dominating image to them, especially when it comes to their eyes, but despite their intimidating demeanor, you can't help but love the two. Plus don't you just love the idea of Lee Min Ki playing a dark genius detective? 2.) Former EXO-Member Tao and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Yes, I realize that Final Fantasy is originally one of the biggest gaming franchises out there, but they also made and animated movie that featured Cloud as the main character, so most of my comparisons are based off of the movie, not the classic game. That aside, don't they both look so much alike? They got the hair, the lips, the "I don't care" sunglasses/goggles, even the general vibe they give off is similar. I love it when Tao has the whole bad boy concept, but this took it to a whole different level of awesome for me. 3.) BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Gaara from Naruto Honestly, no one can rock Gaara's hair color and thick eyeliner as well as G-Dragon can. Enough said. 4.) BTS's V and Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul There are so many things that are visually similar between these two. They both have masculine yet cute facial features that are highlighted by white hair, my personal favorite hair color on V. These features include their jawline, nose, and their darker colored eyes. I also like how they both are wearing the same colored shirt in this image. It just makes the contrast pop out all the more. 5.) Park Shin Hye and Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club One of my favorite looks on the always beautiful Park Shin Hye was when she was playing Go Mi Nam in You're Beautiful, and her cross-dressing mishaps reminded me a lot of those from Ouran High School Host Club. After re-watching the series for the millionth time, I couldn't help but notice how similar the two females looked despite having totally different reasons for their situations. They both look really good in that boyish style, but still manage to maintain an innocent, feminine charm that you can't help but love. Just an example of the perfect balance between the two. 6.) Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Luffy from One Piece Look at these two dorks with their toothy closed-eye smiles! They just scream adorable, don't they? I've always thought that Eunhyuk had aspects Luffy's boyish look and spirit, but seeing it highlighted so well in this picture just makes these goofy boys seem even more alike then I thought. I like how these two look in general, but the icing on the cake? How awesome Eunhyuk looks in a straw hat. 7.) IU and Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura IU and Sakura are similar in more ways than one in this instance. Not only do these two look have absolutely adorable and similar facial features, but both of these girls are also the epitome talent. While Sakura is good at everything from rollerblading to cooking, IU is the ultimate triple threat idol by being amazing at singing, dancing, and acting (which can be seen by her performances in Dream High and Producer). Also who wouldn't love to see IU in all of Sakura's elaborate outfits? 8.) Rain and Grey Fullbuster from Fairy Tail Hold on to your hats, ladies — these two are the perfect example of Korean idols and anime characters looking absolutely perfect . Both of these boys have similar appearances from their dark hair to their crosses and jeans, but also abs to absolutely die for. Grey Fullbuster almost never wears a shirt, and Rain, for the sake of all his adoring fans, shouldn't even own a shirt, so these two lady-killers are almost one and the same. Plus, it would be so cool to see Rain with ice powers. 9.) Jang Geun Suk and William T. Spears from Black Butler Ahhh...Jang Geun Suk's look from You're Beautiful, both my favorite and least favorite style for him. Not only did the his whole slicked-back hair and tuxedo look remind me of a butler, but specifically one butler in particular: William T. Spears. These two look eerily similar in this scene except for one tiny detail, that of course being William's trademark glasses, but add the glasses and you have the perfect casting choice for a demon butler. 10.) BTS's Rap Monster and Sailor Moon Last, but not least, my personal favorite pair-up, Rap Monster and Sailor Moon. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the closest-looking comparison of this entire list. Every thing from the hair and make-up to the sailor fukku is perfect. Plus, Rap Monster's body shape is definitely on point for this cosplay.
If BTS Were in Boys Over Flowers
Now, I think there are a lot of things wrong with the plot of BoF (mainly the boys treat Jan-di like crap) but its still funto imagine it as a less problematic drama. Here's who I'd cast! Gu Jun Pyo - Suga The leader of the F4 and heir to the Shinhwa Group, one of the biggest companies in South Korea. He is hot-tempered and believes that there is nothing that money can't buy. Though he's unable to express his feelings, deep down, he has a heart of gold. He torments Jan-di after she stands up to his bullying ways, but ends up falling in love with her and will do anything to protect her. Yoon Ji Hoo - V A member of the F4 and the grandson of a former president of Korea. He has a driving phobia after being involved in a car accident that killed his parents and left him the only survivor. He is initially in love with his childhood friend Seo-hyun, who helped him overcome his social anxiety. Calm and gentle, his musical talent catches Jan-di's attention and she begins to develop feelings for him. So Yi Jung - Jungkook A member of the F4 and a skilled potter. His family owns the country's biggest art museum. After losing his first love to his brother, he becomes a Casanova. He eventually changes his playboy ways when he realizes that he likes Ga-eul. Song Woo Bin A member of the F4, his family runs the country's largest construction company, which Woo-bin later admits has strong connections to organized crime. However, he has excellent business sense and is very charismatic. He's a super nice guy that happens to be a gangster lol and of course RM, Jin, and Jimin are the dad, mom, and little brother :) How would you cast BOF?