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Refresh this page to get updated LIVE recap! ---------------------------------------------------------- The episode opens up with Hyoshin driving KT to the camp. Myungsoo witnesses him. KT sees ES talking with YD alone. YD notices KT calling ES. YD "Let me show you now" Holds/Hugs ES. ES: What are you doing YD: I'm showing it to KT. He's right behind you. Why did you interrupt? Didn't you see how you ruined the atmosphere? ES: Stop it you two YD: How long will you keep things from her? The sincere truth. I can give it to her. YD leaves. KT complains he was SO happy to see them after 4 hours of driving. (sarcasm). KT leaves ES. Rachel finds Hyoshin's car, asks where KT was at. Hyoshin says "he's in the trunk" (LOLOLOL) KT appears from the back. Rachel: You sit in the back. The three of them arrive at KT/Hyoshin's room. Rachel basically says no one will approve her relationship with ES, KT says I don't care. Back at camp, ES hears other students spreading rumors about ES inside tent. She is visibly upset. YD suddenly appears. "Don't listen, don't be hurt" And takes the rumor spreading students' shoes and throws them into trashbin. YD takes ES away and interrogates her why she lives at KT's house. Gives 5 theories, but says all are impossible. YD: But only answer me this question, do you really like KT? ES: *hesitates*... Yes. YD: *shaken* I see. Don't retrieve the shoes. You'll regret it. Rachel's mother walks into YD's father at hostess bar, flirting with the ladies. Gets angry and get in fight, but sees a woman she met at the parent-teacher conference. Learns that the person is the maddam of the host bar. Back at camp, ES wakes up... with KT outside looking in. KT: "Come outside, put on something warm". KT brings her to a bigger camp with hippy cars (i think thats what they are called lol). He gives her his coat. Asks why ES called him. ES says "I was just missing you, alot". Gets KT to sit next to her. KT doesn't think ES is in right mind "Are you being isolated by other students?" ES: "I had hard time, wanted to escape to a dream. I always wanted to do this" ES lays her head on KT's shoulder. ES "This is more uncomfortable than I thought" KT "That's because you are only laying your face, your feelings should be there too" After brief talk, ES "I'm going to sleep, I am sleepy" and closes her eyes while leaning on KT's shoulder. Next morning, the two are walking toward camp. KT "I cant believe you actually fell asleep. No one's looking lets hold hands" ES comes up with excuse to leave his side lets go of hand. KT holds her hand firmly, "Why leave before you see anything?" Next morning, classmates talk about KT being at the camp. thinks he spent the night with Rachel. Everyone is led to a leadership seminar. After the seminar, KT and Hyoshin are seen at the hotel restaurant. YD and KTare all brought to seat at the table by Hyoshin. ES seats alone at the table in the back. YD says "Why are you so busy?" and implies that KT was out with ES all night. Excuses himself. YD follows ES. After pretending to hold her from falling into the pool, pushes ES into the pool. ES "What are you doing?? IS this the sincereness you were talking about???" YD "That sense of trust when i held you from falling into the pool and then letting go. KT will do that to you" ES "You are dead" YD: By you? KT kicks YD into the pool. YD comes out of the pool "You should really think about the position you are in" Hyoshin comes out and breaks up the fight. Hyoshin is driving KT. Grins widely. HS arrives home, scolded by mother for leaving the home and not preparing for national exam. (Reveals that HS' mother is pressuring HS to pursue law school). Next day at school, students learn that Rachel's mother and YD's father are getting married. Rachel obviously irritated about this development. YD tells Rachel he's starting to like someone. Students suddenly come up to the two and congratulates them. Bona tells ES "There's no such thing as friends here, it's all about networking". Rachel is crying outside. KT comes up to her. consoles her. ES sees this from upstairs. YD appears. YD "If you are jealous, I can hug you instead" ES: "Are you okay about this as well? It's your family too.. I hope you are okay... I will delay tormenting you for a while." ES is in the broadcasting room. KT sneaks to the recording room and talks into the mike, telling ES to sit and listen (while they are not seeing each other). KT apologies for not helping when she fell to the water, tells her something about what she saw KT do earlier, and "what did you talk about with YD?" ES opens the recording room to interrupt KT. KT blockaded the room. ES "I have never seen last place in class before, open this door" KT "no" and returns to recording room. YD is with Myungsoo at some small restaurant. Reminded of flashback between him and KT'. younger KT "you must come, if you don't you'll regret it" younger YD "pff whatever" and leaves. Present YD " I missed out on a friend and mother". KT's stepmother meets with KW that KT is on the verge of having more ownership of the company than KW. Realizes that no one in company is on his side, all of his fellow executives biding time for him to lose leadership eventually. ES arrives home, told to deliver something past KT's room. ES stands outside of KT's room, tries to sneak by. KT drags her into his room KT "So answer me again, what did you talk with YD? If you run away I will kiss you." KT puts his head upto ES' face. KT's mother suddenly enter KT's room. KT's mother "Are you two insane? Have you been dating behind my back?" KT gets ES outside of the room. KT mother "You are about to inherit what your brother currently have which is rightfully yours!" KT "I don't want what's rightfully brothers. I don't care about what you want to have" KT's mother goes to ES and her mother's room. Tells ES that she's no longer welcome in that house. KT brings his mother out of the room. ES tells her mother she's very sorry for falling in love with KT. ES and ES mother promises each other that they will leave almost immediately. KT is in wine cellar, texting ES to see him. ES does not respond. KT goes up to her room, sees that she's not in her room. KT goes to ES mother and asks where ES went. ES mother tells KT that ES is heading to her friend's house and staying there for the night. KT goes out in pursuit of her, can't find her. ES calls Bona, ES "Let me stay over" Bona "Why?" ES "Because if not, I will goto Chan.." Bona "MY HOME IS HERE COME HERE NOW IMMEDIATELY" ES tells Bona about her mother profession as a housekeeper. They strike a deal whereby ES gets to sleep over for Cy's childhood pic. Next day, ES does not goto school, but sees YD eating instant noodle at convenient store. ES goes into the convenient store, sees YD not at where he was at. YD appears behind ES. YD "I was wondering when you'd look for me" ES "I wasn't looking for you" YD "Did you spend the evening outside of your home? ES: "And did you as well?""why do you eat at the convenience stall when you have so much money?" YD: "i always eat alone" ES: "why do you always eat alone-" YD: (cuts her halfway) "don't look at me like that, i will waver" YD "Take this, it tastes better" Outside, YD and ES are waiting infront of red traffic light. KT gets off at the opposite side. YD holds YD with his arm "I want to see what he does" YD and ES cross the road, and they are about to pass KT, KT grabs ES's hands. YD warns KT to get off but ES let go of KT's hands. ES says she wants to end their relationship. Episode Ends!
i'm here @2Nell i just arrived o.O coz just to see ur called o.O
@leegloria22 you're the best <3 big thanks for the best recap of The Heirs, chingu-ya!
I will be doing recap for tonight's episode as well on here -> http://www.vingle.net/posts/201545
@gago this drama is becoming an emotional rollercoaster for me too xD
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