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He walked into the room again; the nonchalant stride of his long legs carrying him to where she was with their group of friends. The butterflies began to awaken in her stomach and flutter with every passing second. I have to do it now she thought as her best friends gave her an encouraging glance.

“Hey, may I speak with you outside?” she asked politely.

He nodded and made his way to her and followed her shadow to the outside door. She was so nervous that she didn’t know how to start the conversation. How was she supposed build up the conversation to confess to this boy? She looked at his indifferent face and took a deep breath.

“I don’t want to put you under a lot of pressure, but I just don’t know how to word this so please don’t think badly of me if I scramble my words. You know I’ve liked you since the beginning of the year but it isn’t until now that I can muster the courage to tell you that I like you. You don’t have to say anything now, but I bought you a gift,” she began to stutter and flush bright red as the boy’s face gradually developed a shining white smile. “And I was wondering, maybe when you’re not busy and I’m not at work, we could go on a date….” Her voice faded to silence while her hands began to tremble with anxiety.

The boy stood before her with a flawless smile for what felt like an eternity then his arms reached around the girl in a tight embrace that made the girl’s heart touch the clouds. He pulled back and continued to smile at the girl’s face.

The bell to end lunch and everyone began to head to class. The girl stayed still for a few more moments then began to back slowly while the boy began to turn to go back into the class. The boy turned around to look at her and called out.

“I’ll email you my answer!” he smiled.

“Email? Who emails people nowadays?” She laughed and smiled back at him.

“I meant text!” He laughed.

Their gaze into each other’s soul was held for a split of a second before she turned and walked to class, and he turned and opened his classroom door.
??!!! OMO!
exactly i agree with @pharmgirlerin Omo indeed. now where we going with this? there's more, this wasn't a vague one shot to appease everyone's senses right? lol of course not.. not sure if im ready im fangirling already