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Hello Inspirits!

This card is super late, as in was due last quarter. I had some Vingle issues at the time I was making it and it became lost in what I like to call Vingle purgatory. I was finally able to retrieve it and put the finishing touches on it and now I bring you Sungkyu Scenarios. I hope you enjoy them!!

When he realizes he likes you

You've been friends with the members of INFINITE for a long time. You don't necessarily get to hang out with them often due to their insane idol schedules and you have your own life to attend to. However, you always have a great time with those goof balls. You and Gyu are not particularly close since he's a little shy and awkward around girls, and sometimes you think he takes his leader role a little too serious as he appears to always be carrying the weight of added responsibility on his shoulders.

Over time, the other members have noticed Sungkyu acts diiferently in regards to you. He's quick to defend you in conversations, even when you're not around. He holds doors open for you. He may seem like he's not paying attention or interested in most things you talk about, but he remembers every word and often brings up cute things you do to the members.

One day, while the members of INFINITE are rehearsing choreography in their Woollim practice room, Dongwoo receives a text from you saying you're stopping by to drop off some cookies you made for his birthday. Upon hearing this, Gyu becomes flustered, searching for some clean, non-sweaty clothes to change into, messing with his wet hair in the process.

The members watch his strange behavior for a few minutes, amused, as they've never seen him act like this.

"Sungkyu-Hyung, just ask her out already!" Sungyeol blurts out.

"What?" Gyu responds with exaggeration as he's clearly caught off guard by Yeolie's remark. The members all look at each other, half of them trying to hold back laughter.

"Hyung, just admit you like her." Hoya adds.

"I..I don't!" He says a little defensively as he stumbles over his words.

Hoya raises an eyebrow in suspicion. "You don't?" He responds, the tone of his voice clearly insinuating otherwise. Sungkyu glances around the room from member to member, each of their faces sharing the same amused, knowing look.

"Hmmm..." Gyu mumbles to himself. "I guess I do." he says, a cute, shy smile spreading across his face.

When he sees another guy hug you

Now that Sungkyu is aware of his feelings for you, he's in that awkward phase of not knowing how to act properly around you. Half the time he's super eager to see you and the other half of the time he's standoffish. He's still trying to make sense of what he's feeling towards you and what to do with those feelings.

You've definitely noticed his strange behavior. When you inquire about it, Woohyun tells you "He's fine, he's just.... going through something." to which Sungjong rolls his eyes.

A couple weeks later, the guys invite you to tag along to a music festival they're performing at. You had desperately wanted to go but tickets sold out in minutes. A number of groups you love will be performing and you're super excited to have backstage access.

You spend a majority of the time hanging out in the INFINITE staging area, even helping out the staff with coffee runs and such. When it's time for the boys to change into their stage wardrobe you're ushered into the hallway. You feel a little awkward out there by yourself seeing as you know absolutely no one outside of the INFINITE camp.

There are all manner of idols lining the hallway as their coordi noonas put last minute touches on their hair and make up. You can hear the echos of VIXX in the backgroud performing their soundcheck and you secretly wonder if you could find the stage to watch. Just as you muster the gumption to try, you hear a voice call your name through the crowd. Surprisingly, that voice doesn't belong to the INFINITE members. Instead, you recognize a face walking towards you, rather excitedly.

"Ben, is that you??" you exclaim, jumping to your feet in anticipation of the unexpected reunion. At that moment, the door behind you opens and Kim Sungkyu walks out.

"You can come back in now." he says, "We're decent again." he half jokes then flashes you a cute smile.

"Ah, just a moment Gyu...." Ben reaches you at that very instant and pulls you into a bear-hug. You exchange excited pleasantries while still embracing one another. Once you pull away, you turn to Gyu. "Sungkyu-sshi, this is an old friend from college, Ben. Ben, this is my friend Kim Sungkyu. He's-"

"The leader of INFINITE!" Ben says, finishing your sentence before extending his hand towards Gyu. You stare up at Ben in surprise.

"How did you know that?" you question, watching as Gyu reluctantly shakes Ben's hand, performing the slightest of bows and flashing a fake smile.

"I work for JYP." You feel your jaw starting to gape open in shock. "Remember that Sony internship I had senior year? That led to a job after graduation and eventually a transfer to Sony's Japan office. I worked closely with JYP Entertainment for awhile during GOT7's Japanese promotions last year, which ultimately brought me here." he explains. "I've basically gone through a crash course in all things Kpop over the past couple of months."

"Oh my god, that's amazing!" you reply, before adding "I'm so jealous!" At that, Ben pulls his phone out of his pocket, concentrating momentarily at the text on the screen.

"Sorry, I got to run; apparently theres an aegyo crisis in the TWICE dressing room... Let me give you my new number. We can catch up over coffee sometime." He leans in to hug you once more before darting off in the direction he had come. You turn your attention to Gyu. *See gif below for Gyu's reaction*

So these were a little longer than most scenarios out there, but I simply couldn't help myself. I hope you enjoyed them. You may have noticed that the title of the card said this was Part 1, so that means more are on the way. Keep your eyes open for Part 2 soon.

Have a wonderful day Inspirits!





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