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Hello Beautiful ARMY! Wow this week is going by SO fast! Here we are on day 3 of our Suga Birthday event! Today in the BTS community we are talking about favorite songs off of the Agust D Mixtape!

Suga talks about personal issues that go even deeper than what people imagine. He Allows us to explore what is going on in the world of Min Yoongi.
I have decided to narrow it down to 2 songs in particualr because then i would have his entire mixtape on here because all his songs are just that amazing! (and this card would end up being WAY too long)

Agust D:

This song is Agust D's intro to the world ! Of course i had to include this song! Suga basicly shoots back at people who spoke so little of him.

So Far Away:

This song gets me everytime and i can relate to it on a personal level. Im not going to describe it because they lyrics are self explanitory. If you haven't please take some time to read the lyrics you won't regret it ! Such a beutiful song. ♡



That is the end of this card! Im looking forward to all your wonderful cards throughout today!! And Happy Birthday to Min Yoongi !! ♡ (In Korea)


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So Far Away is so beautiful. 😍 Suran's voice goes so well with Agust D's and the lyrics are so impactful. Love the card! 😄