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For my Waifu i Pick Sachiko Fujinuma... She's a single mother, She's my favorite character but I wanted to show her some love with her cooking she has made for her son and and his friends...
The meal she cooked looks soooo good!
yum just look at that breakfast!!
I wish I could join them and taste the Curry!!
Even the food she made, made his friend cry (Theres more to the scene but you have to watch the show to understand)

Anime: Erased (The Town without Me)
Subbed: Click here
Dubbed: Click here

So who is your Waitfu that can Cook?

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Great choice! Erased has become a favorite anime of mine XD #MomGoals
@AmazingAshley I loved the subbed so much. and when it got dubbed I loved I6 them too!!! she's the mom I also look up to and want to be like her lol
I watched it subbed when it had just started releasing episodes. Soo good! I haven't watched it in dubbed as of yet, but I saw previews for the dub. ( How cool is that Satoru's voice actor does the voice of number 1&2 from code name kids next door?!?!) The people that can binge watch it all without waiting a week are so lucky. @ChristiLoveLive