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My baby Kibum is doing another drama!!! This time it's an action thriller where he's a genius hacker!!! I'm excited already. Have you seen the movie Hackers with Angelina Jolie and Jason Lee Miller??? I grew up with that movie and I loved it and I loved "crash override" and "Joey" which I get a feeling Key's character could be a bit of both of their personalities! Why because Joey is clumsy and Crash is sassy. So Key will fit perfectly for this role in my opinion yes I may be somewhat bias since he's my main bias but I don't care I'm excited that he's doing another drama "fan girl over load"
Yaaaaasssss my child is going places~ :3
Awesome news!
Ahh it's gonna be SO cool to see Key act again!!
I think its gonna be like woobins movie technician. Hes gonna be the cool funny hacker guy
Perfect!!! I have always loved the cold funny hacker guys..😁