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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Simon

What to do when you fall for someone that is already with another. They're even planning to marry their partner. Yet the moment you two meet its like fate screaming, but none of you listen to it until D - Day forces you both to play your hands.

~(Simon POV)~

I was inside of one of my favorite restaurant, An Ga Korean Barbecue, in Busan. Dava and I had arrange to meet and eat at the same time. I had made the list of what my sweetheart liked, disliked, and desire out of her wedding. Honestly though, all I saw was dollar signs all over the paper. Kami sure did have expensive taste, but anything for my sweet lover.

So now, all Dava had to do was get to know me. Well at least a bit more and better, so the wedding can be what we both want it to be. I took a sip of my water, when I saw Dava walking into the restaurant. I stop and froze the moment I lay eyes on her.

She was in a thin strap, blue dress, that somewhat went down to her knees. A black leather jacket, black leggings, and combat boots. I couldn't help but want to smile seeing her sense of style was unique and match her personality. "What no sweets?" She sat across from me, as she looked at the bare table.

I handed over the menu as I chuckle. "Nah, just waited for you to order some good Korean food." She smiled warmly at me, before looking down over the menu. "Don't worry about prices, this is my treat." She looked up to raise an eyebrow at me.

"No... Its my treat since you're giving me your time to get to know you better." I held up my hands in defense, while she place the menu down. "Go ahead pick for us, I'm not really that picky about my food. Though fair warning I can't do seafood, I'm allergic. Which sucks cause octopus taste awesome."

She like seafood, but she couldn't have it, that does suck. I looked over the menu and smiled warmly. "Chicken or Beef?" She tapped the table and purse her lips, showing that she was thinking. "I haven't had beef in a while so why not go for that."

I hummed ordering the meal for us to eat together. "So what the colors you like?" She asked as I noticed she had her notepad out already. "I like the color red, but not really sure that works with her colors she picked." She sighed heavily and shook her head lightly.

"I already know what she likes, but this is you're wedding too. Its my job to blend your likes and hers together to make the perfect wedding. Though I do have to ask, are you really okay with having your wedding in Miami, Florida?" I had forgotten that Kami put that on the list.

"Well I can just as easily pay for my family to fly out there, then other way around. Her family is very big since she's half Japanese and half Spanish." Dava interest seem peak as she wrote down the notes. "But doesn't that mean she has family in Japan too?" I shook my head as she started writing again.

"Oh I had an idea and I wanted to make sure you liked it. A chocolate fountain? We can use fruit that match the wedding colors or marshmallows." I couldn't help but laugh under my breath. She was playing with my sweet tooth here.

"Kami won't allow a chocolate fountain. She said she doesn't want my teeth to fall out before our honeymoon."

Dava just nodded her head again, wrote down what I said. "But what would you like at your wedding?" She actually put the notepad down, right as I put in our food order. The waiter got Dava water and she bow as her way of saying thank you.

"To be honest, I just want our families to be happy as well as Kami. Though I do want to wear a designer suit Jay got me the hook up already and has a man tailoring it now as we speak." Dava looked at me with sad filled eyes, and gave a light sigh. "Its not just her special day, its you're too. You want to make is memorable."

I just gave her a smile and rest my elbow on the table, and my head again my open fist. "I already know it will be. I saw Kami in her dress and man did she look beautiful." Dava slapped my arm and seem to be annoy with me. "You saw her in the dress already?! That's a wedding no no. Its bad luck."

She puffed her cheeks, before letting out air and drinking her water. "We don't believe in that." She just looked away from me until half our meal order came. "What about you, Dava. You've planned so many weddings. What would you do for yours."

Dava just blinked at me, before putting her drink down. "Me? Um well, to be honest I'm a simple girl. I don't care where it is, as long as its around spring or summer, and on a beach. The color of the wedding will be my favorite color and the grooms. Oh and lots of sweets, cause I don't want a cake, unless my mother home-makes it."

I really couldn't help but smile at her ideal wedding. It sounds so much like mine as well. Dava's eyes sparkled though the moment she smelt and saw the beef being places in front of us. It was the unicorn hot chocolate all over again. I don't know why though, but she seem prettier than Kami at the moment.

Maybe because she was beaming over food and not expensive jewelry. I noticed Dava grab her chopsticks and reach for something. When I saw her dish choice, I instantly grabbed her forearm, and stopped her. "Dava you can't eat that... It has seafood."

She looked up at me with big bright brown eyes, that show she was scared about it. I let go of her arm, and she pulled it close to her body. "Really? awe man, what else has seafood?" She pouted as the happy gleam faded and was replay with sadness. I looked at our foods, and moved all the seafood related foods towards me and non-seafood towards her.

"There now the foods on my half are the ones you can't eat. I left you with food you can eat. Aside from the beef."

She smiled warmly at me and bow before eating veggies first. I reach over to move a strain of her hair out of her face, to behind her ear. She blinked and looked up at me. Dava hair was wave short that stop right between her shoulder and jawline. Normally I liked girls with longer hair, but she was making more and more curious.

She was sassy but only when she felt offended, didn't seem to hesitate on calling me out on my shit, always telling me that I had a say in everything, and was basically telling me to voice what I desire. I couldn't though because I was noticing I was desiring her over my girlfriend of three years. "Aren't you going to eat as well?" I snapped out of it, after realizing I was staring at her. "Ah yeah, best to eat before it goes cold."

I picked up my chop sticks to join her in eating, when I saw her holding out beef towards me. "You get the first bit, after all you did pick this all out and saved me from a hospital trip." I looked up and saw she was being sincere with me. I was starting to compare Kami to this woman, whilst I took the first bite. Dava didn't seem to mind I ate from her chopsticks at all.

If I did that with Kami, she would of asked the waiter for clean pair. Oh lets be real, Kami would never go to places like this with me. She always told me she doesn't understand my love for food, and that I should workout more than eat. "I'm a foodie, but Kami is picky about what she wants to be served at the wedding." Dava looked up at me, before picking up her pen to write down what I said.

I blinked as I noticed Dava was left handed. Made me wonder how magical she was going to make this wedding even more now. "So you don't have any allergies to any food?" I shook my head as she jolted down the note. "She wants a five tier cake, what about you?"

I shrugged, as I try to think of the guest invite numbers. "Sound alright to me, since we're touching a good four hundred guest." I noticed her nose shrug up as she nodded her head. "Will we need a translator for the wedding, cause I highly doubt the elders know English well." She looked up at me as she kept eating.

It was heart warming as I noticed she didn't care that she was eating so much in front of me. "Yeah translate Japanese, Spanish, English and Korean please." She scribbled my request on the pad, whilst still stuffing her face. "Cheese burger or Salad?" Dava blinked as she glance up at me.

"'Fuck Salad, I rather have a cheese burger any day." She grinned and winked at me, as I offer to feed her some beef. She didn't hesitate and took the bite right away. Damn why is this woman only now entering my life. I feel like I'm about to marry the wrong woman now.

We finished the meal together, and I mean we were part of the clean plate club. Dava even licked her chopsticks clean. Damn how that turn sexual on me was unbeliever. I felt my solider waking up after watching her do that. "Well I best be on my way. I have to go to my office to get everything recorded down properly."

She held out her hand towards me, and I shook it as suggested. "See you at you're bacholar party mister." She winked at me before getting her stuff, paying for our meal, and heading out. She did wave bye but I didn't notice, since I was watching her ass as she left. Damn was her booty thick in such a beautiful way.

Damn It...

I was falling for Dava here... I was about to get married

yet here I was checking Dava out as I felt myself wanting to go after her and take her in the back seat of her car.

~(Dava POV)~

I swear the whole time I spent with Simon, he seem to be more curious about me than the topic that made us meet. Though he was really sweet to me, and kind-heart. Even saved me from a trip to the hospital. Though I did notice he was a bit submissive towards his bride Kami.

Kami.... ugh

I honestly don't like this woman at all, and I haven't even met her yet. Just something about what I am learning about her is making my natural instincts scream 'THOT!'. Which made me happy I was only dealing with Simon for this wedding. Even though I noticed he had been staring at me a lot tonight. I would of said something but it was the way he stared.

It was like he was admiring a work of art he adored so much. Kind of reminded me of the way my father would watch my mother. You could see the love he had for her in his eyes, and he still does that. Their love for each other, made me love my job even more. I keep waiting for the moment my father asked me to plan their vow renewal.

I had lied to Simon though about why I really had to leave. I met up with Seonghwa at a local bar, to start getting the bacholar party ready. He was already drinking when I join him, and I saw he was drained. "What happen? Is it work? Adina? or Kami and the wedding?" Seonghwa looked at me a bit surprised when I said the brides name.

"The wedding and I see you learn her name finally." I nodded my head as I order a white Russian from the bartender. "Yeah just got done have a one on one session with Kiseok-ssi. He is so damn whipped by her its no joke." Seonghwa laugh a little, while looking down at his drink.

"She called me today." I looked over his way, whilst he kept looking down. He handed me his phone after he unlocked it. It was open to a recording app as I realized he had record their conversation. I press play and moved the phone to my ear.

Seonghwa: 'What do you want now, Kami?'
Kami: 'Now Now Seonghwa, I was just calling to check on how everything was going.... how my future husband is? If you're still with that fat chick.'
Seounghwa: He groans through the phone. 'Everything is fine, Simon hyung is fine, and yes I'm still with my supermodel beautiful girlfriend that actually loves me for me not my money.'
Kami: She whimper through the phone. 'Oh come on Seonghwa oppa, I know you been dreaming of playing with me. I'm one town away from Busan. Come visit me and lets play. I won't tell if you don't."

I looked over at Seonghwa, while he downs his glass of Hennessy. He signal the bartender for another round. The recording convocation just going on with Kami making advances on Seonghwa, and insulting my best friend Adina. Eventually he cussed at her and hung up. I looked down at his phone and saw he had a whole file full of these recording.

They were even dated and time stamped. They go back two years, mean there is a very decent chance she has already cheated on Simon. It also confirms she is truly using Simon for social status, and financial stability. "Have you shown these to Simon?" Seonghwa looked at me and seem like he was going to speak.

"Not yet, we were gonna show him at the bacholar party." I turn around to look at who spoke, and saw it was Jay. "Don't tell me you have a collection too." Jay unlocked his phone and held it out to show me, that she has been going for him too, but for four years. "She originally was trying to go for but she managed to fool Simon. She a thot, and she needs to be put in the trash."

I laughed as I covered my mouth to control the level. "I thought that on my way here from the dinner I had with Simon." Jay and Seonghwa were both smiled while I laughed. "She's Adina's best friend?" Jay asked Seonghwa, and he just nodded his head.

"You can actually tell." Jay smirked and licked his lips, making me cring a bit. "Boy you keep that tongue in your mouth now." Seonghwa laughed as I cracked on Jay. "Yup, you're Adina's bestie. I'm Jay, though I doubt you didn't know that already."

I raised an eyebrow and quinted as I looked at him closer. "Am I suppose to know who you are?" Jay just blinked a but confused by my words. I turn to Seonghwa and smiled warmly. "Wow, he makes it too easy."

Seonghwa looked at Jay, and grin to hold back his laugh. "Dava Reyes, nice to meet ya Jay. So you boys are planning to expose the bride at the Bacholar party. Best to careful though, don't want him to run off into the snow and get lost." They both nodded in agreement.

"Wait you said Reyes... any relation to a J Reyez?" I sighed heavily and shook my head no. "No and his last name is spell differently by one letter." Jay gave an expression that he understood, before sitting beside me. " Dava-ah, are you going to help us put this whore on blast?"

I blinked when Seonghwa spoke, since him saying the word whore threw me off a bit. "Yeah I don't mind helping at all. I already got you the penthouse in Alpensia Resort for the weekend. Oh yeah..." I pulled out flight tickets and handed them over to Jay. "So you can fly there."

Jay smiled as he counted how many there were. "Dava, thank you so very much for all of this. Adina told me we could rely on you." Seonghwa smiled warmly at me as I return the smile. "Well I don't like seeing good people getting screw royally. Rather save them when I can."

Jay patted my head getting my attention. "With you're help we'll be saving Simon, then you can plan your best friends wedding after we trick Gray into proposing to her." I laughed at Jay comment, as Seonghwa through napkins at Jay.

I could see why Adina loved being around AOMG

They were truly cool and down the earth people.

And right now Simon need to be saved from the devil herself.

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