"Jimin! Hoseok is in the hospital right now!!" Jimin instantly got up and looked at you. "Do you think it was.." You nodded. It was definitely Go Hae Soo's crazy acts. You and Jimin quickly sent Young Joon to school and went straight to the hospital. Jimin called his secretary to cancel all appointments. "Sir.. are you sure you want to-" "YES! It's an emergency." "Yes sir, I will cancel all the appointments right away..." You looked at Jimin driving. "Hey, you really okay? You should go to work, I can be with-" "No. I should be there also, he helped us recover our relationship. And this happened because of my step mother. I should be held responsible." You gave him a bittersweet smile and he kissed your hand. "It'll be okay y/n." When you arrived at the hospital, you two ran to Hoseok's room. Hoseok was in the bed, pale with no facial expressions at all. "Hey, Hoseok?" He instantly beamed a smile as he saw you two come in. "Hey." You hugged him and looked at his face. "You okay?" he nodded. "Sorry this happene.. uh.. can you tell us what happened?"Jimin asked with a kind and an apologetic tone. "Thanks for worrying about me guys... I think Go Hae Soo got scared that Jimin found out." "Wait.. how did she know?" "I think she had some people following our tail. You guys should be careful of where you go and what you do. She's really mad." "So, what did she do to you Hoseok?" "Not a lot-" Hoseok said nothing much to relieve you, but the story actually went like this: Hoseok was going to the mall to buy some things for his mom's birthday and saw a black car following the same route he went to. If Hoseok changed lanes, the black car would change lanes. If Hoseok exited the highway, they exited the highway. Hoseok found it weird that this car was literally stalking him, so he stepped on the accelerator and hurried to the mall. He ran inside and kept looking back. He ran again seeing the guys in the black suits and kept looking back. And when he actually did look infront of him, there was a circle around him, giving him no room for escape. Hoseok tried to dodge those guys but couldn't get out of them. Since there were people, he tried to scream but one of the guys sprayed something on his face and he instantly fell asleep. When he woke up, he heard Go Hae Soo talking and instantly tried to find his phone and recorded the whole thing. When Go Hae Soo turned around, he acted like he just woke up. "Hi sweetie, how was your nap?" Hoseok didn't answer. "Or just don't answer me at all." "Why am I here?" "Hmmm.. maybe because Jimin knows everything now." Hoseok tried not to make eye contact with her to get away from being caught. But it was too late, she knew everything that went on. "I wonder who told him?" He kept looking down at the ground. Go Hae Soo grabbed his face and made direct eye contact with him. "Weren't you that guy?" Hoseok tried to get out from her grip, but couldn't help it. She was abnormally strong. "I told him because he had a right to know." "I wasn't going to do anything with you but now I have more work to do." She sighed and kicked Hoseok in the stomach making him wince. Then she ordered one of the men to step on him, punch him, and stab him. After hitting Hoseok, the guy brought the knife and stabbed Hoseok in the stomach, twisting and twirling the knife like he had fun with it. Hoseok's blood started to gush out and he couldn't stop it. Go Hae Soo walked slowly, closer to Hoseok and called 911. "Since your still cute I won't let you die. Just know that next time, if you do something stupid I will kill you." Then Hoseok blacked out. "-all she did was stab me and that's all. Thankfully I didn't die. The ambulance came right away." "Oh my god. I'm sorry Hoseok.. you didn't need to be in this.. It's all because of me." You started to fell guilty that your best friend was almost dying. "It's okay y/n. I got surgery and the doctor said that it was a success. You know me, I'm strong and built for toughness." He tried flexing and made a funny face so you would feel better. "But.. uh.. I did find some things that would help you know her plans better." "What is it?" Jimin asked with his eyes filled with fury and curiosity. Hoseok turned on the recording he had and you two listened. It was a conversation with her and her secretary. 'Ugh... that Hoseok kid is really messing my plans up. You remembered to order a guy to bring their kid right? Make sure that he brings the kid to me right away after school. If he takes the kid right now, we'll be noticed right away. That's the only thing that'll bring those bitches back to their senses. They need to be reminded of who's really boss here. And are the things ready for my son? He needs to be ready for his inauguration when Jimin will quit with his own hands.' When the recording ended, Hoseok looked up and talked, "Jimin.. I think she's going to kidnap Young Joon and make you quit the CEO place of the company so her son can take over. You should hurry and pick up Young Joon." "Thanks Hoseok." Jimin looked at you and you nodded. You went to Young Joon's school, you saw black cars embracing the whole school. You were so glad that Hoseok told you the information, or else Young joon and Jimin could've been in danger. "Mommy~" "Hey! You ready?" "Yep! But why am I going early?" "Uh.. Hoseok uncle is sick and wants to see you." "Oh.. is he okay?" "Yeah. He's all better. If you go, then that'll heal him even more." "Really? Let's go!" You rode the car and observed the black cars. They followed you but, the traffic made them lose where you were going. When you arrived at the hospital, Young Joon ran to Hoseok and they talked. You talked silently to jimin, "Hey.. do you have any plans?" He nodded. "My secretary found some files about Go Hae Soo that can be totally useful in court. And you and Hoseok could be witness. The only way to stop her and her son would be to put them in jail." You let out a deep breath. "It's fascinating how humans will do anything to get what they want." Jimin nodded and remembered, "While you were gone, Hoseok told me he got the whole situation recorded. Smart friend you have there." "Yeah.. I'm glad we have a lot of evidence.. No I think all we have to do is stop her." "Yep.. I've been thinking about how to stop her but I think right now is a perfect opportunity. I called some reporters over so we can let Go Hae Soo know that she won't be able to do anything with us." You hugged Jimin. "You got this." He smiled and pecked you on the lips. Hoseok interrupted with him clearing his throat. "GET A ROOM" Young Joon asked, "What does that mean?" You glared at Hoseok and explained, "It's nothing Young Joon, Hoseok uncle is just being a dumb butt." "A dumb butt?" Hoseok gave you a look. "Hey, it's kid language." Few minutes later, the reporters came in the room and immediately became crowded. One of the reporters asked, "Why did you ask us to come here?" Jimin straightened out his suit and sat down next to Hoseok. You were standing in the back with Young Joon and Jimin smiled at you. "The reason I called you all here is because of my friend. He has been severely injured by a person I have been wanting to report very badly." "And may I ask who that is?" "Go Hae Soo." Many of the reporters started to whisper and the camera flashes were flashing even brighter at the shocking news. "It was hard for us to find information on her wrong doings but this time we have caught her in the act." "Do you have any evidence?" Jimin gave Hoseok the nod and Hoseok turned on the recording right away. All the reporters became silent and listened closely and they started to react crazily. After the recording was over, questions were exploding. "One at a time please." "What is this recording?" "This is the plan she wanted to achieve but my smart friend over here caught her before anything worse happened." "If you mean by anything worse, was there something that happened in the past also?" "Yes. My wife over there is a living witness and living proof of Go Hae Soo's wrong doings." The cameras instantly pointed at you and Young Joon. Jimin started to explain the story of what Go Hae soo did to you and this whole situation went viral. Go Hae Soo was arrested right away. As the prosecutors went into her house, she was arrested right away. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I CAN KILL YOU ALL IF I WANTED TO." In the news, they explained that prosecutors find out that she has sacrificed way more other people than Hoseok, You, and Jimin. Her son was also involved in her crimes, making them two not eligible to be on the seat for the CEO, the outside world, and a human. They were monsters that wanted more and more as they grew more powerful. She said that she and her son were innocent but her men blew off on her. At the court about 2 weeks later, you, Hoseok, were submitted as witnesses. You explained your story, Hoseok explained his story and his recording, and Jimin sat there looking at her. Go Hae Soo started to twitch and her eyes lost focus. Jimin's eye brows raised as he saw her malfunctions. She suddenly got up and slammed the desk. "FINE! I'LL ADMIT THAT I DID IT. BUT THOSE PEOPLE DESERVE TO DIE!!" The people there held on to her trying to keep her in control but she didn't stop. "YOU SEE THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE-" she pointed to you and looked at the judge. "THEY NEED TO DIE. HEY! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW THAT YOU'RE GOING TO RUIN SOMEONE'S LIFE? I'LL REMEMBER FOREVER AND PAY YOU ONE DAY. ONE DAY I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU!!" The judge hurried and hit the sound block with a gavel 3 times making it official that she was never going to be able to see the outside world. 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