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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Simon

What to do when you fall for someone that is already with another. They're even planning to marry their partner. Yet the moment you two meet its like fate screaming, but none of you listen to it until D - Day forces you both to play your hands.

~(Simon POV)~

I had arrived at the Alpensia Resort here in Pyeongchang of South Korea, with the crew. Gray's girl Adina had came too along with Hoodie, and Dava. Apparently Gray and Jay had arrange for the penthouse to be ours all weekend long too. Gray and Dava though were the ones checking us in. Jay came over to me, and threw his arm around my shoulders.

"You sure you want to get married to Kami? Cause Dava has actually gone above and beyond for you. More than she should have actually. Gray and I didn't do anything at all. Dava came up with the idea to bring you here, and she got us all inclusive, while getting us the penthouse."

I looked over at Jay a bit surprised that he was confessing this to me. I knew Dava was helping Gray plan this Bacholar party. "Just saying, this girl isn't even trying and she making sure you're Bacholar Party is amazing. Even came personally to make sure nothing bad happens." Jay walked away, while I glared at him.

Dava was looking over us before we made eye contact. She gave me one of the most sweetest smiles I had ever seen. Gray and the Desk Clerk stole her attention though, making my heart ache a bit. I just looked away and try to stop my heart from aching so much. I was about to be a marry man...

though honest not sure I would be happy any more.

If was, I wouldn't be thinking of Dava so much. Jay was right about her, because she actually took time to get to know me. We found out how much we had in common, and she care more about what I wanted. She scolded me to voice what I desire, but the thing I desire at that moment, was her under me naked. Getting lost in those beautiful brown eyes, watching her scream my actual real name in pure sexual ecstasy.

But what soon to be marry man would be thinking of this. "Yo hyung, coming?" I snap out of my train of though, when Duckie called me. "Yeah." I follow him to join the others in the elevator. I we packed it well, as I noticed Dava being press against the elevator wall a bit.

I quickly turn her by her shoulder, so her back was against the wall. She looked up at me confused, but then she noticed that she wasn't be squished. Dava was a good few inches shorter than me, so I place my forearm above her head, to make sure she got to keep that free space for herself. I heard a cute giggle, and looked from the corner of my eye, it was Adina. Dava sighed heavily and rolled her eyes.

She really did know how to separate work of personal. But it was making my heart ache more. Was just ignoring the fact that I might be falling for her, or did she really not notice it. Adina seem to have noticed and show that she knew. When the elevator got to the penthouse floor, we all got off one by one with our suitcases. I lightly pushed Dava a head of me though.

She slightly bow before taking my kind gesture and going first. Which I was happy she did, allow me to check out her sexy big ass. Someone punch my arm, and I ended up glaring at Pumkin. "You keep staring at it, she gonna notice." Pumkin grinned before catching up with the others.

Pumkin was being unusually cruel to me though, because he kept pretending like he was slapping Dava's ass when she wasn't looking. He was even making taunting facial expression. I threaten to hit him on the back of the head, and he would quit it off and on. Dava noticed finally though, and pushed Pumkin away from her, whilst giggling. I just smirked, before Gray handed me a room card.

"This whole floor is the penthouse and its ours, so they gave us four cards. I gave one to Dava for the ladies, Jay has one, Simon another, and one for Myself." Everyone nodded in understand, while Dava enter the room first. Everyone follow her in as I saw Dava turn to Hoodie.

"Wanna be roommates? No need to worry about Adina. If I know my bestie, she gonna want to snuggle her bae."

I looked away, a bit unhappy that I couldn't share a room with Dava. They all pair off on me, as I noticed I was gonna be left alone in my own room. I wanted to say something, but Dava came over to Gray and me. "Actually Simon should share a room with Jay instead of Gray. Give the single room to Gray since no one want to know what Adina and him do."

Adina threw a pill at Dava, making everyone laugh playfully. We then all went to our rooms, and I did end up sharing a room with Jay. I just sighed heavily and lay back on the bed, as Jay got unpacked. "What's wrong with you? What, wishing Kami was here?"

Jay spoke with a hint of annoyance when he said Kami's name. I understood they didn't really like my girlfriend, but I did. "No actually I wasn't. Its Dava." Jay jump onto my bed quickly to be in sight. He had his stupid grin plastered on his face.

"Please tell me it that you are falling for her. If you're not? I swear I will make a move. How the fuck is that woman still single." He was looking at the door as if it was her. "Oh? You got a thang her for?" Jay smirked devilishly as he looked back my way.

"Have you seen that ass, its perfectly huge. Plus a woman that calls you out on your shit, with intentions to only make you a better man? She even got her own shit going for herself. I'm just waiting for Adina to tell me she can cook. That will seal the deal for me."

I just closed my eyes and sighed under my breath. "What?" I looked at the ceiling, avoiding his eyes. "I think I'm getting cold feet." I noticed Jay looking away, before getting up. "Yo really? I told you what's wrong and you just walk away?"

I sat up and looked over at Jay. "If you love Kami the way you say you do, that will go away at the alter." Jay wouldn't look at me, when he spoke. He just kept unpacking, as I just hung my head. "You sure about that? Because I've noticed I have been watching Dava a lot."

I looked back over at Jay and caught that he froze in place. "Are you falling for her or something?" He was looking my way from the corner of his eyes as well. "I think I might be as well. You said it yourself, she got the perfect ass, Is a boss like us, and wouldn't hesitate to someone better then they already are. Don't forget she goes out of her way to make sure others are happy. Just hope its not at the cost of her own."

Jay hummed in agreement, before I got my bag and started to unpack as well. Adina barged into our room, in her snowgear, as Dava and Gray came running after her. "Its snowing! Jay come play with me outside. Lets be kids again. Or are you gonna be a little bitch and stay inside?"

Gray was judging his lover, as Dava seem to be defeated. I just chuckled at Adina calling Jay out, as I saw that Jay was smirking. "How about we have a snowball fight to see who the real bitch is." Adina smirked devilishly before revealing that she already had a snowball and threw it at Jay. "See you outside you troll."

Jay growl before grabbing his jacket and chasing Adina out the room. Gray, whom was in his snow gear as well, ran after them to control the situation. Dava just watched them as she rubbed the back of her neck.

Damn was I in danger...

Kami was nowhere near us, but Dava was here...

How the fuck am I gonna manage being around her for three days.

~(Dava POV)~

First thing we all did was check in, once we had finally made it to Alpensia Resort. Gray and I manage to get them to give us four room keys. We then started talking about who would get a key. Gray and I agree we both should get one, but who would get the other two. I looked over the group and made eye contact with Simon.

He smiled at me, which I return, before I noticed Seonghwa trying to get at the very least one more room key. Apparently those were the only the clerk had to give. The other two were from Emergency for them, and for the maid to clean up after us. "Lets just give one to Simon and the other to Jay. I will be with the girls mostly. The rest of the guys will depend on the CEOs and Predz like usual."

Seonghwa nodded his head, before getting everyone's attention. We then headed off towards the elevators. There was about eleven of us, with eleven suitcases a well. Making the Elevator very crowded. Simon ended up beside me though, so it made it easy to make sure he was comfortable.

I felt someone touch my shoulder though, and move me to lean up against the Elevator wall. When I looked up, I saw it was Simon that was moving me. I blinked, as I noticed he was giving me space to breathe. I couldn't help but smile, when he place his forearm above my head, to make sure I kept my space. He was being really sweet to me ever since we all got together.

Adina had giggled, making not only Simon, but me as well, look her way. She winked at me, and I realized why she was giggling. She always though if a guy was nice to me, it means they like me. But he was the groom of the wedding I was planning. No way was I going to test her little theory out, and risk my reputation.

We finally reach the penthouse floor, and Simon had me go before him. I stood beside Seonghwa and Adina, as we stop in front of the door. I handed Seonghwa three of the cards, so he could give a card to Jay and Simon. I turn enough to catch Pumkin red handed in doing stuff behind my back. We made eye contact, making him freeze in place.

I just giggled at his dorky ass, before pushing him way from me. "This whole floor is the penthouse and its ours, so they gave us four cards. I gave one to Dava for the ladies, Jay has one, Simon another, and one for Myself." Seonghwa had spoken getting my full attention. After everyone nodded their heads in agreement, I grant us all access into the lounge area of the hotel.

I then turn to go over to Hoody, which she granted me her attention. "Wanna be roommates? No need to worry about Adina. If I know my bestie, she gonna want to snuggle her bae." Hoody chuckled, and nodded her head yes.

Adina wa unhappy and jump on my back a bit to get back at me for my comment about her. I just smiled and got her off me so we both didn't get hurt. I then went over to Simon and Seonghwa. When I noticed Jay trying to pair off with Seonghwa.

"Actually Simon should share a room with Jay instead of Gray. Give the single room to Gray since no one want to know what Adina and him do."

I teased Seonghwa and Adina again, while smiling warmly. A pillow hit me, resulting me turning around to see it was Adina smirking. We all just laughed in pure joy. I threw the pillow back before going to pick my room with Hoody. We both pick out own beds, as Adina went to be with her boyfriend. "So please explain the bedroom arrangement?"

Hoody requested an explanation as I sat on my bed. "Actually if Adina does sleep in the same bed as gray, they can count as one person. There are only five rooms in here any way. One of the rooms was going to have three people in there. Or the extra person might just take the couch in the lounge."

Hoody nodded her head, whilst we both went back to settling into our room. "So are you really helping us break Simon oppa up with that she-devil?" I looked up to see Hoody looking at me. "I'm gonna try my best to help. But Simon is the one paying me to plan his wedding. If he still wants to marry her after this, than I have to keep doing my job."

I sighed heavily and moved my suitcase onto the floor. "But to be honest, I think I might have someone that works for me plan it. Cause its getting a bit hard to plan when I'm mentally screaming at myself that I can't have him." Hoody sat beside me, making my head turn to look her way. "Wait, are you telling me, you're starting to have feelings for Ssam-oppa?"

I hung my head before nodding. She squealed, before taking my hand. "Oh Dava-ah please, I am begging you. Steal him from her. He would so be better off with you." I looked at her a bit startled by her request.

"She won't do it. Her morals are stopping her from doing so. But this is why I suggested her to Seonghwa oppa."

I sighed heavily and looked away, when we saw Adina in the doorway. "After Seonghwa oppa met Dava, even he agreed that they were a match." Seonghwa came up behind Adina, to wrap his arms around her waist. "Bad snow bunny, you're not suppose to tell her. Now she's going to try to make sure it doesn't happen."

Adina looked at Seonghwa, as Hoody looked over at me. "At least don't fight it too much. Because I've seen the way he looks at you. If it wasn't for that damn bitch, Ssam oppa would of made a move on you." I looked at Hoody a bit surprised that she thinks Simon had feelings for me too.

I honestly didn't know what to say anymore. This party was meant for Simon to see how evil Kami was. Not for him and I to fall for each other. Something ice cold and wet hitting me, snap me out of my trance. I looked up to see Ju Kyung's eyes go wide. "Yah!" I ran after him to get back at him.

Next thing I know we were in a middle of an indoor snowball fight. I noticed Adina going to Jay and Simon's room. Seonghwa and I both looked at each other, before going after her. We were too late, because she had already barged her way into the room. Sometimes Adina was so draining, and unpredictable, that it was so tiring.

"Its snowing! Jay come play with me outside. Lets be kids again. Or are you gonna be a little bitch and stay inside?"

I looked out the window and was that it actually was starting to snow. My ears perked up the moment I heard Simon's laugh. "How about we have a snowball fight to see who the real bitch is." Adina called out Jay, and you could see she had his full undivided attention now. I gasp and cover my mouth with my hand, when Adina threw a snow ball at Jay.

"See you outside you troll."

Jay growl, before getting his winter jacket, and chasing after Adina. Seonghwa ran after them to control the chaos those two were starting. So glad though they had snow gear on, as well as everyone else that follow. I just rubbed the back of my neck watching them all run out. "Aren't you going to join us?"

I looked up to see Simon put on his jacket. "I honestly don't have the right gear for this kind of stuff." Simon took my hand inside of his own, while smiling warmly. "Then lets you and I hit the store before going to join them. I'll buy you a jacket, if that okay with you, Miss Independent. After all you did pay for all of this."

He waved a hand at the lounge of the penthouse. I press my lips together to hide the smiled that wanted to creep along my lips. He guided me out of the room, to our detour stop.

Simon was really being to nice to me.

Could he actually be feeling the same way I was feeling for him?

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