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Hi hi. New chapter for you. Sorry there's no smut, have to wait for the next chapter!

I was acting like myself again. After that day I stopped acting like I wasn't continually thinking about him, who was I fooling? Not myself that was for sure. But I wasn't sure how he felt. It was so frustrating. He had told me to treat him like he was my best friend, so I did, which meant I let my guard down and let my crazy self out. All my goofy got to surface. I was hanging out with his two friends more often now, Jimin and Jin. I had a lot in common with Jimin then I had realized. I was getting along well with Namjoon. Since than he hasn't touched me or insinuated anything that would lead me to think he liked me, but it was getting harder to keep my emotions in check. Every time I was around him I got happy, I was having more dreams about him. “U/N!” Someone shouted in the hallway. “Namjoon!” That person yelled out again. Both me and Namjoon were just getting out of class. Jimin was waving at us as he walked down the hallway. “What are you doing here?” Namjoon asked. “I'm bored” he grinned stopping in front of us. “Buy me food” he added. “I'm not your banker” Namjoon scowled. “I wasn't talking to you. U/N buy oppa food?” Jimin pouted. “Just because your a month older than me doesn't mean I'm going to call you oppa” I laughed. He did look cute though. “Please?” He asked sweetly. “Fine, come on boy” I said giving in. “I still have class” Namjoon frowned looking at me. Oh I knew that! “We will be fine on our own” Jimin grinned pulling at my hand for me to go with him. “Have fun in class!” Jimin added. “I could skip” Namjoon shifted uncomfortably as he had a hand wrapped around my purse strap. “Don't you dare” I shot at him. “No slacking mister” I scolded him. “You be good and go” I added smiling at him. “But-” “You like your next class, besides you have a quiz today, you just gone done telling me how much you studied for it” I added. Oh thank you teacher for giving quizzes! With a sigh Namjoon let go and nodded. “Your right” he sighed. “I'll see you two later than” he said. He watched as me and Jimin left first before going. “Heh” Jimin chuckled next to me. “What?” I questioned “He's so cute, he doesn't want to leave your side” Jimin commented making a blush form on my face. I didn't know what to say to that. “What kind of food do you want?” I asked changing gears. “Bimbop” he said “and kimchi, and BBQ pork” he rambled off a few more things. He was sounding like Jin when he was hungry. “Okay I got it” I laughed. We ended up at a nice restaurant that had the majority of what he wanted. He ordered and deciding I'll just snack on bimbop and pork belly I just got an extra order of bimbop. “So is there a special reason to come out with me?” Jimin asked. Yea, I wasn't that sneaky about asking for his help. After all before class I had messaged him to do lunch so I could talk to him. “Or are you in to me now?” He touched his chest and slid his hand down. Funny, I didn't have any dirty thoughts when he did something incentive like that. I just wanted to laugh. “Hey! You can't laugh at me” he said but he was smiling while he said it. After I settled down on laughing he spoke again. “Let me guess, you want to know about Namjoon” Jimin guessed right making me blush but nod my head. “Do you like him?” he asked sounding serious, no joking around. I rubbed the back of my ear nervous. It would be the first time admitting it out loud. “I do” I said. “Good, cause he likes you a lot” he said “but he's confused. He said you friendzoned him” he paused and his face scrunched up “or he friend zoned himself” he changed. I chuckled. “Yea, his phrasing was kind of “ I made a shaky hand gesture. “I didn't hear this” he leaned in interested but I shook my head. “I'm not going to repeat it.” I said. “That's a shame” he grinned “I was going to help you, tell you how to get together with him” he added. That got me curious. Our food came at that moment and all of a sudden our table was filled with plates. “Really?” I sat up looking at him wide eyed. “Will you tell me what he said?” Jimin asked. I grinned happily as I started munching on the food. “Alright fine” I nodded.  I told him what happened and what Namjoon said to make it seem like he just wanted to act like friends. When I got through he was shaking his head. “You read in between the lines to much” he said. “What do you mean?” I was confused. “He wanted you to act like you do with friends, you know comfortable and relaxed” he said but I was just staring at him which made him sigh “he wanted you to act like you do around friends, not actually be your friend” He said bluntly. I understood the first time, just was in shock. “But I want a friend” I said. Jimin looked panicked all of a sudden. “He can still be your friend” he exclaimed. “I'm your friend,” he said sounding worried. “i don't want him to be just my friend” I said. “You can be my friend” I added with a smile. “Than do something about it” Jimin exclaimed than huffed. “And you better be my friend, I let you win at Mario cars” “Like what? I don't know what to do” I questioned ignoring his second comment. “Why don't you put yourself in a situation to confess, or or make him see an opening” he shook his head “no he's too slow to see if you are leaving yourself open. Okay You make a move on him. One that actually says you like him” he said. “Like what? Throw myself at him and start making out” I said making him laugh. “No, well unless you want to” jimin laughed. He started giving me a few ideas of what I could do as we ate our lunch.

So almost to the ending of this series, sigh its been a fun one but its time is coming!
I can't wait to see what she does ;D
mee tooo @hedgesloth
This is a shorter series than I thought it would be. Mario Cars! Ima call it that from now on!
why did you end it like that you freaking jerk!!!!! now i gotta wait!!!!