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It's officially been a year since my surgery, and I wanted to share the slightly hilarious experience of staying in a hospital in Korea :)

Have any of you guys had surgery before?

I hope everyone is happy and healthy this year~

I got my gallbladder removed last year and I had never gotten anything removed before. I had to go on a specific diet weeks before the procedure and wasn't allowed to have green tea. I went to check in at 5am and was fine, the nerves started to kick in when I was in my own little module. I thought it looked cool because its a tiny room with a bed and tv and a shared bathroom with the person in the next module. I was told to change and they told me to remove my undergarments. I told my nurse that if she had special undies I could wear because I was on my lady days, she left the room and came back with the thinnest undies I have ever seen in my life and some pads. My Surgeon came in and talked to me and said we will be ready soon and that is when I got nervous. They wheeled me out of the room and I said see you later to my Mom. I only remember the bright lights and them getting me ready on the table. I woke up in the recover room with other people. The nurse kept telling me to breathe and gave me a breathing device to use. I told her I was thirsty but she said she couldn't give me water just yet. I also felt a lot of pain and needed to use the bathroom. My Mom took me to the rr and she was in there but gave me a bit of privacy, she did manage to make me laugh which hurt. It was a quick and simple procedure and I was in and out of the hospital that same day. They gave me good pain meds and told me what to do when I got home. Luckily I paid nothing for my surgery because I make less than a certain amount per year. Idk what I would have done with out my insurance covering it entirely. I once broke my pelvis and that was a much more painful experience than my surgery.
omg that sounds crazy - im glad i didnt have to diet way before!! and oy veyyyyy i've never broken anything and i never want to, hope you're okay now!!!!
YOU FORGET TO BREATHE TOO!!!! I thought I was the only one! My coworkers make fun of me sometimes cause I'll forget to breathe and then inhale really big.
It was something else lol I'm all good now. Thank you.
Are you still living in Korea?
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awesome more question, i'm sorry. How did you learn Korean?