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Alright I hope you enjoy....I wonder what or who is coming up next. Now I am off to do training for the next 2 days...hopefully ill get a lot of writing done while im gone.

Did I keep you waiting long?" I asked sitting down.

"No not at all."

"First time?" I asked

"Yes, My friend told me about one of these places and then a bunch of my friends dared me to come to one."

"Well this is my first night so we'll get through it together." I smiled

"Ok." With that I slid next to him.

"My names Baby what's yours?" I asked


We talked for a little bit. I moved my hair away from my neck because I was getting hot. I barely turned to look back at him when I saw him staring.

"Want to kiss my neck?" I asked

"What?" He was taken back.

"You can if you want to." I smiled.

He looked away quickly. I smiled. I couldn't help myself and pressed my lips to his neck. When I pulled back he looked at me.

"Can...I..." He was acting so shy. I just wanted to take that shyness away.

"Do you want to get a private room?" I asked touching his leg.

"Can we?" With that I smiled and stood up taking his hand as I moved us to a move secluded room. I had him sit down first.

"What do you want to do?" I asked

"I....I want to." He looked down.

"Want me to take your shyness away?" I asked moving closer to him.

"Can you?"

"Oh boy I'll do you wonders." I sat next to him and started kissing and suckling on his neck. I was careful not to leave marks. He let out these moans that were driving me crazy. I moved so I was straddling him and once I did that he stopped me and started going to town on me. But he got enough courage to start kissing my chest and wanting to go farther. There was a loud buzzing noise and he let out a frustrated sigh. He grabbed his phone. I was fiddling around with his shirt as he answered his phone.

"Hello, Seriously now? Fine I'll be there in a few. Bye." he threw his phone on the seat next to him.

"Have to go?" I asked

"Yes. Sadly Baby I can't go farther to get past this shyness." he said rubbing his face.

"That's ok next time you come we'll work on that shyness. You game?" I smiled

"Im game." He smiled and I swear he could have melted me there. I quickly got up and moved out of the way. He stood up and hugged me. This was new.

"Thank you. I will try to be more bold next time." He then left me. He went to the front desk paid and then turned and waved goodbye and left.

I hope I can help him. I went back to the locker room and changed into my regular clothes.

"So how was it?" Tiff asked

"I got some hotties I'm going to have to look out for." I smiled

"Well you know you are allowed to have sex with them."

"Yeah I Know. And I'm telling you I think it's going to be really hard to not want to do these guys I had today."

"Good luck girlie" she laughed and went to change into her normal clothes.

I knew it wasn't going to be long before I went to the wild side and went at it with these guys. Especially Jungkook, I was going to help him get over that shyness and that meant doing anything. Yoongi, he had something about him that just made you want to do whatever he wanted.

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