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I really hope that this is somehow a joke or a larger commentary on the K-entertainment industy's obsession with physical perfection but...

In a recent teaser, the girl group called Six Bomb revealed that they would be undergoing surgery for their comeback “Becoming Prettier (After),”
In the video, we see the members getting advice on where to receive their procedures...

So obviously most people thought this was just a fake theme (a very weird concept perhaps) but an insider report revealed that the 4 members of Six Bomb will actually undergo plastic surgery specifically for this release.

The music video for “Becoming Prettier (After)” will show the process of the members preparing for their surgeries as well their new, “prettier” faces.

This is their "Before" music video...
Also, some of these girls definitely already have had surgery (2 of them) and they're all already cute????????

I really REALLY hope this is going to actually be some kind of commentary in this whole industry not just what it seems like...

They're also known for previously having reeeeally sexy dances and fancams zooming way up into their private space >:( They're company is really insane and I feel horrible.

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this is so sad 😭😭😭
Wow :/
What the hell is rhis
Seriously? They don't need anymore plastic surgery, that's not a concept, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. That needs to stop, they don't need that. Also zooming in on a private place on someone's body is wrong, that's fucked up man, they need to leave the company and find a better one.
They are already cute idk why they would under go surgery it's so dumb and those outfits are really tiny