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late post. so for today im posting some pictures and facts enjoy.

Like a mother-in-law, he does a lot of nagging and takes care of the members.

He’s careful about what he eats because he used to be very chubby when he was younger.
He’s a caffeine addict. He claims to drink 4 venti sizes of coffee a day and he likes Americanos.

Please tag me
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Both please. Sorry for the confusion
omg hes so perfect for me...I'm a coffee lover, not addict. but I do drink lots and lots and lots of coffee...even before sleeping. anywho, have I mentioned how beautiful he is
he is.
Wow! For being health conscious, 4 venti a day of coffee isn't very healthy 😞
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but like right now he looks like his old self from when they 1st debuted. like his face is skinny again.