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Hello~! It's Day 3 and it's time to talk about Agust D! (Funnily enough, my birthday is in August, haha) I know I'm pretty basic with the songs I like but I just really really appreciate these three songs the most! First up, in no particular order really, is The Last! I really felt a resonance to Yoongi when I read the lyrics and he beautifully told his story through rapping.
Next, is Give It To Me! I don't know why, but every time I hear the beginning and background beat, I think that I'm being chased by an insane person and it doesn't help that Yoongi later laughs quite insanely at some point in this song. I still love it though, that's just what I randomly think about when I get to listen to it.
And lastly, it's Agust D! I fell in love with the beat and how fast he can rap (because he raps faster than sixteenth notes and I'm amazed).
That's all I have for now! Have a good day and night~!

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