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She shot her second drink down in one gulp. Her friend watched her as she poured another for herself.

“Don't drink too much, Unnie, we still have to go back.”

She gulped her third shot down, “When I'm good and numb, we'll go back.” She said slamming the shot glass on the table. She poured a shot for her friend. “I feel like I've lost my way… I wanted to experience the world, I really enjoyed this job, I liked where it was heading. But now… I feel like I've invested my time to something that's not gonna pan out. I guess this is what I get for letting my heart make the decisions and not my head.” Her shots were starting to hit her, her head slumped onto the table.

“Unnieeee… don't feel that way. It's just a bump in the road, that's all but still getting involved with an idol is a dead end street. I've seen it happen. You had an affair and now it's over.”

“I know” noona sat up, “but I really liked him”

“From what you told me, I think he would have pursued you until you gave in and it probably would have ended the same way. He got what he wanted and now he's moving on…”

Someone's cell phone started to ring, they both checked their phones. Noona wiggled her phone, “It's mine…. And it's him. Probably calling to see where I'm at, what I'm doing, WHO I'm with.” She tossed it on the table.

“End it, end it before it gets worse. I don't like seeing you like this. You were happy in the beginning, even I had seen that but now…” her friend shook her head, “You seem really sad and distracted. Boss offered you a great gig but you didn't take it.”

Noona looked at her with heavy eyes, “I can't… I still like him too much.” She decided not to listen to the voice message. She could imagine his voice in that monotone, not sweet like it used to be, asking that same question, what are you doing? She shut the ringer off and slipped it into her pocket. “I think I've had enough.” She looked at the shot glass, “I'm going… I'll see you later.”

Her friend walked out with her but only followed her so far. When she seen her unnie heading in the opposite direction they were supposed to go, she stopped. She called after her.

“Unnie, you need to end it.”

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