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Que tal mis Shikon Jewels!

I decided to make a poem. This is my poem to Prince Sesshōmaru if we were together. I was inspired by some pictures and my favorite flower the cherry blossom. Oh and a dream I had.
I love you you forever.
Even though my forever is just a moment in time for you.
As quick as the cheery blossoms bloom and fall,
Your time with me would be only a segment of a cycle in life.
But our love would be like the seeds that produces this royal tree,

And the smell produced from the blossom,
Each time we touch,
It's like cooling gold covering my skin.
Each time you smile,
I feel like the conquer of the beast that once roamed inside.

With each kiss you take my breath away.
I feel weightless....
Just like the cherry blossom petals,
Floating freely in the air.
So continue to kiss me,
Whisper those words I love to hear in my ear,
So that we can be just like cherry blossoms forever,
Dancing in the wind......

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