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Morning Fam^^
I am here today with another ASTRO text scenario for you all!
Enjoyy ;

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~In which the members help you on a bad day with some ice cream
(A/N): Can you tell I really want to have some ice cream? LOL


JinJin: Hey (Y/N)~ You: What JinJin: I have something for you~ You: Not now, JinJin. I have had a really bad day and I don’t want to take it out on you. JinJin: Oh really? *contemplates what to say* JinJin: Well, I think this will help~ You: Hmm…IDK about that… JinJin: It’s your favorite~ You: … You: … Is it JinJin: It is Cookie Dough Ice Cream~ You: … You: You better be here in like 5 mins… JinJin: On the way~ You: *smiles at your phone*


MJ: Is everything okay, (Y/N)? MJ: I just saw you crying… You: No…everything is not okay. It was them. Again. MJ: Aish, why didn’t you tell me before they got to you?! You: They took my phone from me… MJ: Damn those girls.😈 MJ: Okay, I am leaving class now, meet me outside. You: What?! We can’t just leave class! MJ: Yes we can. Just trust me okay? You: Where are we even going to go? MJ: To get your favorite thing. You: Really?! You mean it?! MJ: Of course, let’s go get some ice cream~ You: Thanks MJ. You are the best. MJ: 😉👍


You: Rocky… are you there? You: I really need to talk to someone right now. You: Rocky? Rocky: Yes? Sorry, I was practicing in the gym. What’s up? You: Can you please come over? Rocky: Why, what’s wrong. You: … Rocky: Don’t tell me it was that bastard again. You: … Rocky: *sighs* Okay, I will be there. I got to grab something first on the way and then I will be right over. You: What is it that you have to grab? Rocky: You will see. Be there soon okay? Just hang on. You: Okay
*Goes to buy a bucket of Rocky Road ice cream to make you feel even a little bit better*


You: Eunwoo. You: Please answer your phone… please. Eunwoo: Are you okay? You: No. I am not. Eunwoo: What happened? You: I can’t tell you. Eunwoo: What do you mean you can’t tell me? You: I mean, that… I just can’t. I’m sorry. Eunwoo: Then why did you text me? You: Because… I wanted to be with someone right now… Eunwoo: *can sense something is wrong but doesn’t want to pry further* Eunwoo: Okay, okay. I will be there in a few. You: Wait. Eunwoo: ? You: Can you pick up something too? Eunwoo: Like what? You: Some ice cream. Eunwoo: *laughs* Really? Ice cream? You: What… I really want some. Please? Eunwoo: Fine. fine. I will bring some. Just wait a bit okay? You: Okay. Thank you.


Moonbin: (Y/N)~ Moonbin: Why were you gone from school today? Is everything okay? You: Not really. Moonbin: What happened?! Tell me everything. NOW. You: Just that… nothing. I can’t tell you. Moonbin: (Y/N), come on. Really. What was it. You: Did you see my locker this morning? Moonbin: No… DID THEY DO SOMETHING AGAIN. Moonbin: *runs to check locker* Moonbin: THOSE WITCHES. I am going to find them and bury them ALIVE. You: No! please don’t do that. That will only make it worse. Moonbin: What else am I supposed to do then? Let them get away with it? HELL NO. You: Come on, Moonbin. Just please don’t okay? Moonbin: *stops for a second* Okay, okay. But I am coming over. You: What? No…don’t do that either. Moonbin: Nope, not going to stop me~ Moonbin: I am bringing the usual, ice cream, junior mints, and Harry Potter. Moonbin: So if you even dare try to not let me in, I will tell on those girls, okay? You: Wow, you are kind of scary. But fine… see you in a bit.


Sanha: (Y/N)… Sanha: What’s wrong? You: What the freak…how did you know something was wrong? Sanha: My (Y/N) senses were tingling. 😌 You: Oh my god, you are so weird. Sanha: So what’s wrong? You: I… don’t want to talk about it. Sanha: Really? Sanha: Are you sure?😢 You: Yeah. I am… Why? Sanha: Because I am already outside your house with your favorite ice cream, Mint Chocolate Chip. 😄 You: WHAT. *goes to look out the window and sees him there* You: Seriously… what is wrong with you. Sanha: Everything. Now let me in~ 😙 You: *laughs a little* Okay. On the way down now.

Wow… this turned out more angsty than I thought LOL

What is your guy's favorite ice cream? Mine is Cookie Dough

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So....what's the situation with the girls and the locker and "that bastard?" You should make a little one shot or something about this and put the ice cream in there...and suddenly I have the urge to finish off my Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream rn...
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Ooh yay! I look forward to that!